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Router vs Modem vs Switch

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A person living in 21st century, directly or indirectly somehow used any internet facilities s/he must know about Router or Modem. Now a days in information and communication technology people from organization and eagerly thirsted for development of communication technology also know about various communication devices because those devices are the nucleus like for the I.C.T. From home to large organization, from office to research you can spend millions behind them. So many people across the globe as using routers under $100 in home and side by side big organization using million dollar technological devices like super computer, cloud storage for making sure the flow of information along with the access to internet. But three devices right now make the differences between prior and post development area of communication and internet- ROUTER, MODEM and SWITCH.


If anybody wants to know what a router is, simply said that, a device that transfer the data package to your mobile phone, laptop, PC or console to access the internet. History of router is as old as the computer came in front of the world. Just after the introduction of ARPANET in 1967. Though it was not as convenient as routers are now but the revolution started that point of time.

Day by day router has promulgated as the core of internet access devices from the early 2000. Right now we are using three basic types of router- Wired Wireless and Modem Router.

A router does exactly what its name implies a router is a device that routes or forwards data from one network to another Based on their IP address. When a data packet is received from the router, the router inspects the data’s IP address and determines if the packet was meant for its own network or if it’s meant for another network. If the router determines that the data packet is meant for its own network it receives it. But if it’s not meant for its own network it sends it off to another network. So a router is essentially the gateway of a network.

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Based on your using place and capacity of users you can use different types of router. If you are in home you can use home network enabled router (wired or wireless base on your convenient and using purposes). Big organization or companies are using wired router for their employees desk job and also modem router making their task easy if they are considering storage and network coalition in one place.


Modem actually the short form of MODULATOR DEMODULATOR. Modulator converts the digital signal to analog and demodulator does the vice versa. Modem has one modulator and one demodulator.  A modem which may attached with the computer or the device which is intended to send data turns the devices digital data to analog and send it to the receivers via the telephone line. And this tasks of modulation, converting data analog from digital. And de-modulator does the same tasks opposite, its converts the analog data to digital language and makes the language usable to the receiver’s devices.

There are basically two types of modem. 1) Acoustic Coupler modem which is set to any computer as a built in devices. Actually its uses those computers which are easily portable

2) Direct Modem: These are the modems which have greater speed then the acoustic coupler modem. It can be use via USB port and costlier then ACM like modems for COX.



Switch is basically a networking device which connects computer together staying in the central which has multiple ports and creates start topology. Commonly, switch performs layer 2 or layer 3 functions which describes the way of data link layer.

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A switch mainly operates and takes its decision based on Mac address usually 48 bits number every network device has. So many ports can be implemented to a switch and each port works as a collision domain to reduce the data collision. It also stores Mac address table for identifying related computers or devices.

If you raise the question why you need switch, the first and foremost thing is it has multiple ports to connect many computers at a time. A switch also can operates in half or full duplex mode. And as earlier spoken each port has collision domain and no collision happens in full duplex mode. Also if you don’t want to use that much switch at a time you can also use the layer 3 as you’re convenient. Data flooding also very much low. And through the content addressable memory switch can store Mac address.





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