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Researching and planning your leaflet marketing campaign

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There are many individuals that decide to take help from leaflet marketing in order to boost their sales. Flyers, brochures, and leaflets have been in the marketing run for a long time now. However, designing and running a successful campaign matters a lot. Often people focus more on the designing costs and leaflet distribution London cost as the prices in good cities get significantly high. Consequently, they can reach out to people but cannot effectively achieve the desired results.

Therefore, it is important to plan your campaigns wisely. One has to take care of many different aspects before sending leaflets into the market. So, let’s discuss some key points to think about as you plan for your next campaign.

What do you want to achieve?

Start with what! What it is that you are looking to with your leaflets. Is it creating awareness about your brand? Is it regarding your upcoming product or service? Is it about something different and unique that your company brings to the community? What do you want to achieve with leaflets is what defines the content within. So, think of the key points that you want your marketing campaign to achieve and write them down.

Identify your target audience

Then comes the next step, which is to identify your target audience. Let’s say that you run a clothing business for youth, and you want to reach out to your potential customers. So, your target will be teenagers and individuals in their 20s.

Where can you find the target audience?

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Once you know the target audience, which is directly relevant to your services and products, you need to know where you can find them in abundance. A clothing brand looking to target youth is likely to market around universities and colleges. Here, you have the target audience in vast numbers, and you can successfully distribute your leaflets.

Are you calling them to take action?

A mistake that many companies make is that they don’t put in any call to action in their content. While it is important to spread information and data, it is even more critical to invite them. When you put up a call to action, people are likely to take a step. Thus, your leaflets should be provoking and must be inviting so that the individual gets in touch with your company.

What is your offer?

When we talk about the call to action, people are likely to take action when you put up an offer. A discount or a complimentary item are a few things with which you can lure your clients. Moreover, you can put up a special promo code or a buy one get one free product to make it more effective.

The timing of your campaign

Another important aspect of campaign designing for your leaflet marketing is its timing. There are some companies that run the campaigns throughout a year. Then you have people who like to do it annually or quarterly.

While it is a matter of your choice, timing leaflets around a special event can be very fruitful. When events like valentines and Christmas draw near, the individuals tend to look towards shopping deals and offers. So, they are likely to receive your leaflets warmly and read what you have to say.

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Measure your campaign

If you are not analyzing the results and measuring the campaign, you might want to look towards other marketing options. Leaflets give you a chance to enter QR codes and URLs. Else, you can embed a few words or references in your leaflets which can assist you in knowing from where the lead has come.

Ultimately, you are able to record the results off the campaign. In the end, you can analyze and see how effective it was. With companies providing you quote for leaflet distribution London, you should look towards measuring the campaign. Else, you can never know how much you have benefited from this type of marketing.


So, these are a few things to keep in mind as you design your leaflet campaigns. Assure that you have everything covered before launching. Good strategies and appropriate execution of the plans assist you in achieving the desired results. Don’t just take it as a cheap marketing option and waste your time and money on it.


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