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How to Repair Corrupt ImageMagick JPEG images

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‘I had edited my vacation pictures in ImageMagick. They are JPEG files, which I think have corrupted. If I open them in Photoshop, the error pops up – ‘This document may be damaged (the file may be truncated or incomplete).’ How can I repair these corrupt images? I do not want to lose them as I have put a lot of time editing them.’

‘I am using ImageMagick in my photo web service business. Recently, the JPEG images scaled or resized in the software have partial grey bands. Is it possible to fix them?’

Whether for work or personal purpose, you love to play with images using ImageMagick software. You morph, montage, apply special effects, or do graphics editing creating new images. However, often JPEG images created or edited in ImageMagick get corrupt or give errors while opening, leaving you disappointed.

If your ImageMagick JPEG pictures have corrupted and you want to repair them, then read on this post further to know the best methods to fix the issue.

Steps to Repair corrupt ImageMagick JPEG images

The JPEG pictures of ImageMagick may contain artistic effects, color quantization, rescaling etc., done by you. Thus, the approach to repair should be one that preserves the changes and maintains the image data.

The best method is to use an efficient and secure JPEG repair software. However, there is image-editing software too, which can fix certain corruptions in JPEG images.

Workarounds to fix ImageMagick JPEG image issues

Before moving to troubleshoot corrupt JPEG images of ImageMagick software, try the below workarounds. They might resolve not opening or corrupt JPEG/JPG files problem.

  • Rename your JPEG file: The simplest hack to access JPEG pictures is to rename them without changing the file extension.
  • Open JPEG photo in a different program: You may not be able to open JPEG image in Windows 10 Photos App, but the file may open properly in Paint. So try different programs that support JPEG to open your images. Some programs that support JPEG images are Windows Photo Viewer, Photoshop, Apple Preview etc. You can also open ImageMagick JPEG files in Chrome or Firefox by dragging images on to the browser window.
  • Convert JPEG to another file format: Try converting ImageMagick JPEG files to another format like PNG or TIFF. You can convert the JPEG files in ImageMagick itself; Image Editors; or online JPEG converting tools.
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Methods to repair corrupt ImageMagick JPEG images

  1. Use Image Editors to fix minor corruptions
  2. Use Stellar JPEG Repair
  3. Use sfc/scan now in Command Prompt
  4. Perform Clean Boot in your PC
  5. Use Image Editors to fix JPEG corruptions

Image editors like Photoshop, Lightroom, and DxO PhotoLab are helpful to fix certain issues in corrupt JPEG images. Try to open ImageMagick corrupted JPEG files in image editing software and fix problems like grains, loss of color, or blurriness etc.

Repair with Stellar JPEG Repair 

The software approach assures efficient repair of corrupt ImageMagick JPEG photos without bothering you about the repair process. The Stellar JPEG Repair software can fix any kind of corruption the JPEG/JPG images. Moreover, this DIY application repairs unlimited corrupt JPEG files in one go. It protects you from complete photo loss situation, by giving thumbnails of files that are severely corrupt.

Perform sfc/scannow in Command Prompt

Applying sfc/scannow in Command Prompt on Windows PC can fix minor corruptions in ImageMagick JPEG files. follow the below steps to repair corrupt JPEG with Command Prompt:


Command Prompt window

  • Type CMD in Windows Start box
  • Right click on CMD and select Run as Administrator
  • In the command prompt window, type sfc/scannow andEnter
  • Once the process finishes, restart your computer

Now you should be able to open and view your JPEG photos correctly.

Perform Clean Boot in your PC

Sometimes third-party applications like anti-virus solution or system utility software, installed on your system can cause JPEG issues. Perform Clean Boot to detect the problem and fix it. Follow the below steps to perform Clean Boot:

  • Log on to the PC as an administrator
  • In search bar type msconfig. Press Enter. The System Configuration Utility window opens.
  • Click General >Selective Startup. Uncheck Load Startup Items box and check Load System Services and Use Original boot configuration box
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system configuration

Window under the General tab in System Configuration

  • Click Services. Select Hide All Microsoft Services check box at the bottom. Click Disable all

system config 2

Window under Services tab in System Configuration

  • Click Apply and restart the computer

Now view ImageMagick JPEG photos. The problem should be fixed.

To Sum Up

You have put your valuable time and effort by applying those special effects and creating unique pictures in ImageMagick. It is annoying to lose such JPEG images due to corruption. However, the good part is you can repair the corrupt ImageMagick JPEG images using the above given methods. If you find the manual repair methods like Clean Boot or applying sfc/scannow in command prompt tough, take the easier software approach to repair corrupt JPEG files. The JPEG repair software assures efficient repair of ImageMagick JPEG pictures even in case of severe corruption.

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