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How to Pick the Right Rope for Your Needs

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When asked which is the right rope for our needs, the immediate question is: What kind of activities We are going to do with it?

There are several qualities make up a modern rope according to your activities. And at the same time, there are some variables, ranging from weight to maneuverability, which makes a rope more or less suitable. That is why it is important to take a few minutes to read the options and characteristics, and after that proceed to make a decision.


How to choose the right rope? Here is the list of criteria to take into account to make this choice:

The diameter (between 7 mm and 11 mm): The thinner the rope, the more flexible and light it is, therefore small diameters are reserved for professionals

The weight per mete: This is important information because the weight per meter can vary from single to double depending on the type of rope used

The dynamic elongation: This is the measure of the elongation of the rope during the first fall (it must not exceed 40% during this first fall), the higher this measurement is, the more the rope is elastic (ideal in the event of a fall) and the lower this measurement, the more resistant the rope will be to wear (ideal for rope ascents)

The impact force: This is the maximum force to which a rope can be submitted in case of fall of the climber, this measure is theoretical and compares the strings of the same range.

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The number of falls: This is the maximum number of falls that the rope can withstand before breaking.

The treatments and technologies: The rope can receive special treatment to increase its capacity, for example, a heat treatment to homogenize the rope or Unicore technology makes solidarity the core and sheath of the rope.

Based on the information obtained and the type of activities the polypropylene rope (PP rope) is the ideal solution for securing objects.


The polypropylene rope is the ideal solution for securing objects safely outdoors. Nautical is not the only sector in which it is used. People who are engaged in DIY, agriculture, livestock, construction or fishing consider polypropylene rope as an essential element in their work team.


The usefulness of polypropylene ropes in the indicated sectors is due to their fundamental characteristics. They are the following:

Polypropylene is a material resistant to acids, alkalis, oils, organic solvents, and alcohols. Polypropylene ropes are widely used in the livestock sector since the sweat of the animals will not affect the strength of the material.

It has a great mechanical resistance that makes it resistant to abrasion and that is not reduced when welding.

They have a very lightweight in addition to floating on the surface.

Polypropylene is a material resistant to moisture, which is why it is widely used in environments where humidity can affect materials such as boats.


The synthetic polypropylene rope is made of 100% polypropylene multifilament twisted to 4 ends. These ropes wired to 4 ends are twisted with Z twist, that is, to the left. In turn, the four strands are formed by twisted threads with Z twist. The formation of the strand is the union of all the threads in torsion S or to the right.

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The four-ply polypropylene cords have an approximate breaking load depending on their millimeters. In Supplies Asia Dragon, we have polypropylene ropes of 5m/m and 6 m/m polypropylene ropes that have a resistance of 380 kilograms and 500 kilograms respectively.

The polypropylene cords are the best for jobs in which it is required to hold a large weight. The long exposure of polypropylene strings to the sun’s rays should be avoided since solar radiation can affect the maximum tensile force as a result of friction and traction heating. The resistance of polypropylene ropes can also be affected if the ropes are knotted as it will be reduced by 50%.


Once you know the different characteristics and specifications that the ropes can present, especially in what has to do with diameter and length, you will be abler to choose the rope that fits your needs. Of course, it must be clear for what type of activity the rope is required. Once all the previous points are clear there is only one thing left to decide, the color! … Make sure you choose a nice rope.

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