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Why the Organizations Should Outsource Their Data Center?

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Most of the small business and large enterprise are nowadays outsourcing the data center so that they can focus upon more critical stuff to grow their businesses.

The higher management in the data centers often faces the ongoing challenge of assessing the training of compliance, environmental regulations, IT staff, and aging equipment. While wondering about all these factors, many organizations are forced to rethink their decision of whether to continue to host your data center solutions internally or externally.

Why is it essential for large enterprises to consider data center outsourcing? As per the recent survey of Fortune 500 companies, most of the IT leaders prefer outsourcing their data center over in-house. So the question arises that what are the main factors supporting the trend of data center outsourcing?

The decision of outsourcing involves a thorough examination of options from a strategic level, business perspectives and tactical evaluation. So here’re the top reasons why you should get along with outsourcing the data center. Let’s dive in;


The reputable tier 3 data centers offer service level agreements mentioning all the key environmental & infrastructure elements. In case they miss the SLA, the data center must compensate the tenant. Therefore, the building design & systems are maintained at the highest level in order to avoid downtime as well as the subsequent financial penalties.

As per the stats, the average recovery time for a data center outage is 134-minutes having an average cost of $680,000. Perhaps that’s the reason why the data centers have always emphasized on providing the 99% uptime to their clients. The industry has classified a tier rating system in order to grade the resiliency of data centers specifying the uptime. Here’re the 4 significant tiers that you must know;

  • Tier 1: 99.671% Availability Expected
  • Tier 2: 99.741% Availability Expected
  • Tier 3: 99.982% Availability Expected
  • Tier 4: 99.995% Availability Expected
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 Scalable Capacity

In the large enterprises, the economic climate having increase technical as well as regulatory pressure hugely impacts the business infrastructure. Consequently, the business flexibility gets compromised either due to under-utilizing or over-utilizing capacities of in-house data centers. In such cases, choosing an outsourced data center provides enterprises with the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and scalability. As a result, businesses will be able to focus on their immediate goals of growth rather than messing up the resources in in-house data center management.

Impacts Savings and Boosts Branding

Since you’re planning to outsource the data center, it’s undoubtedly going to save costs on operations related to association overhead, equipment maintenance, upgrades, IT labor and physical space. The organizations can lease physical space & retain control of the data center operations. It not only eliminates the space considerations as well as the future equipment expenditures but also reduces the total cost of ownership.

Inevitably, it’s imperative to understand that that outsourcing data center has a significant impact on branding. That being said, adopting the data center operations would exemplify leadership alongside establishing the company’s reputation as a brand. As a result, this will attract investor confidence as well as motivate employees to perform even better. Make sure to have a thorough service level agreements, and the outsourcing partnership will ensure seamless near-term transition alongside offering the long-term foundation for futuristic growth plans.

Improved Connectivity and Latency

These are the two major elements of any data centre function allowing more room for service providers to offer multiple-carrier offerings. With such a favorable diversity, organizations have great leverage to negotiate with the telecom service operators as well as avail the best offerings with a huge variety of carrier choice as well as minimal provisioning timeframes.

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Increased Focus

When it comes to outsourcing, the data center is then responsible for upgrading the IT infrastructure and building systems. Since the data management burden is shifted over to the data center provider, the CIOs and IT managers can now think and focus on more important activities and work on business growth.


Do you want to learn more about how you should choose the outsourced data center? Just check out the article now.

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