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Oracle Database Administrator Roles And Responsibilities

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When it comes to database administration, it goes without saying that the responsibilities of the DBA are exceptionally vast and complex. These responsibilities are mostly the critical determining factor for further encouragement of leadership development programs within the organization. If you have just taken the responsibilities of an Oracle DBA, you must be wondering, what are the required skill sets that will help you in exceeding at your job? Starting a DBA journey is not an easy one, as you have to develop a swivel and all-around view of how your databases connect with different subsystems. Some of these include network, firewalls, OS, storage systems, and server hardware.

Being excellent at your job will need you to keep an approach like a novice Oracle DBA, as the process of learning in this sector is a continuous and never-ending one. If you think you know everything, you will stop learning and eventually lack expertise in the coming years. To help you out, here are some of the basic skills and concepts that you should know right from the start in order to ensure a great DBA career.

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Oracle DBA Responsibilities

1. Setting up and Configuring Oracle

When it comes to the installation of Oracle over different operating systems such as UNIX, Windows Server, and Linux to name a few, the procedures and caveats differ considerably and usually require the expertise of an Oracle Consulting Company. The nature and programming of each platform are absolutely different that calls for meeting their preset specific and peculiar requirements. Even though having an idea regarding the Oracle installation procedures can prove to be a great strong point for DBA professionals, there is no alternative to the practical experience. Hence, in order to gain that you will require listening, observe, and read, as well as, consistently look out for new opportunities that will confer you with an on-field working experience regarding Oracle.

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2. Fundamental Monitoring and Tuning

The overall performance of an Oracle database is highly determined by a broad spectrum of diverse issues. Being a DBA who is currently working on the Oracle database, it is critically important to have a clear idea of the various bottlenecks that might appear within time and you should be ready with the real-time solutions. Some of the basic monitoring and tuning issues include checking the application of the right index, using common wait events and recreating tables and indexes in case it becomes crucial to remove fragmentation.

3. Backup and Recovering Databases

Another great responsibility that an Oracle DBA needs to be good at is ensuring consistency and availability of the database. Perhaps this is the biggest reason why organizations avail KPIs based on the failures and availability time to analyze the performance of DBAs. There are certain skills that you need to hone with time in order to make sure the availability of the database. One such skill involves the confidence that you need to bring while using Oracle’s native backup and reinstate features and other similar tools.

4. Knowing the Basic Database Security Issues

It is not possible for an Oracle DBA to have the comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all the existing aspects of the Oracle database security. However, if you are just provided with the responsibility of Oracle DBA recently, it is important for you to know some of the basic security issues that you might come across during your ongoing job. For instance, a new DBA should be decked with the knowledge of profiles, roles, object, and system related privileges and user accounts and other related concepts. Moreover, if you are an entry-level DBA, it is important for you to be notified with crucial areas such as the SQL injection. You can visit websites such as RemoteDBA.com to learn more.

5. Database Design

In order to avoid the costly modifications in the database design and preempt the faults and other issues in the database structure, the software development teams have to often reach out to the DBAs. Hence, it is important to have a brief knowledge of the design and structure of the database. However, normalizing a database is a tricky business and you must know how to de-normalize the database as per convenience.

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6. Focusing on Leadership Development Elements

Oracle management functions play a great part in encouraging leadership development programs that let you improvise your DBA skills into leadership skills and make the most out of the platform. Some of the functions that you need to pay heed while operating as an Oracle DBA include:

  • Recruitment or sourcing leadership talent.
  • Analyzing both internal and external leadership capabilities.
  • Preventing upcoming leadership gaps.
  • Having a comprehensive understanding of the leadership options and creating development goals.

One of the key parts of being an Oracle DBA is that you will be able to proffer the right leadership skills required to execute a particular strategy for improving your performance on the platform.

7. Great Knowledge of DBS Series of Packages

A novice DBA should recognize and understand the motivation that comes equipped within the DBS series of packages that is decked within Oracle. These packages generally connote the extension of Oracle’s core functionality. Being a new DBA, you must know every single package as it will not be possible for you to avail PL/SQL alongside many Oracle features. Nevertheless, you should also have a great understanding of the functionality and utility of the packages that come bundled within Oracle.

8. Command Over PL/SQL and SQL

Apart from being proficient with SQL which is a non-procedural language required for executing both DML and DDL statements, you should also be proficient enough to easily utilize the PL/SQL. A good knowledge of the PL/SQL will allow you to effectively read the scripts written by the programmers and to adjust and coordinate with their queries. For more information regarding the database management through various commands and languages, you can consult the experts.

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Finally, the aforementioned points are some of the challenges that form the overall responsibility of the Oracle DBA. The key is to adopt the best practices by learning new technologies and gaining confidence in utilizing the new tools.

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