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The Best Multiple Cloud Drives Manager MultCloud and Exclusive Giveaway

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ultiple Cloud Drives Manager MultCloud and Exclusive Giveaway

Recently, most people now work at home due to the COVID-19. Considering that those who work at home create new data every day, their computer data security is increasingly unguaranteed, and it is very cumbersome to manage all the data scattered across various cloud drives, AOMEI is sincerely willing to send our powerful cloud drive management software, helping all who are plagued by the epidemic to get comprehensive and simple cloud drive file management.

World Backup Day is coming. AOMEI has organized a giveaway event where you can get MultCloud with unlimited traffic for one month for free! Though this link(https://www.multcloud.com/partners/world-backup-day-giveaway.html), you can get World Backup Day exclusive gift MultCloud at $0 (original price: $19.9) after registering your account. This is the first unique MultCloud giveaway activity that AOMEI hold ever before. Now you can fully enjoy all paid features with unlimited traffic to transfer/sync data between different cloud drives.

The Overview of MultCloud

MultCloud is a cloud storage manager that integrates all your cloud drives into a web application. With it, efficiently managing multiple files in one place and easily transferring files between different cloud drives is no longer a hassle.

MultCloud supports the top 32 cloud drives on the market, ensuring that all cloud drives you use can be managed uniformly and effectively. They are Google Drive, G Suite, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Box, Amazon S3, Flickr, MEGA and many more popular clouds.


The Features of MultCloud

  • No need to spend a penny to get more unlimited cloud space, no matter how many cloud drives you have and no matter how many accounts you have, you can merge all available cloud storage space in all clouds to “expand” more free storage space without any limit on the number of cloud drives.
  • MultCloud is a convenient all-in-one cloud file manager that can integrate your multiple cloud storage services in one place to batch transfer/sync files between different clouds. It is a direct way to transfer files between multi-clouds without downloading and uploading again and again.
  • It can meet all your cloud data management needs, and manage, transfer and share your cloud data across multiple clouds in a simple, fast and secure way. You can perform various tasks in it, such as upload, download, copy, paste, upload, download, delete, etc.

Features of MultCloud

  • Feel free to share any cloud files in the cloud drives. Breaking the limits of the cloud, giving you complete freedom to share certain cloud content to your friends or relatives.
  • Even if you power off your computer, MultCloud can automatically transfer/sync tasks across clouds. There is no need to keep the computer turning on, you just perform the task and MultCloud can do the rest smoothly.

The Final Words

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Although MultCloud can organize all cloud drives together, its operation is particularly simple. It’s much easier and time-saving to transfer cloud files with Multcloud compared to the traditional way of downloading and uploading. Once you organize your cloud drives and accounts in MultCloud, you are able to link these clouds, manage all of them easily or transfer/sync files between them as you wish. No matter what kind of cloud drive you are using now, after you try to manage cloud files with it, you will find it really powerful.


You can get unlimited traffic of MultCloud through this giveaway event from AOMEI, and I believe it is the best application for cloud management solutions on the market. I sincerely recommend you to try MultCloud.

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