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What to Look Out For Before Downloading a New App

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Technology has become so available to the world that it’s hard to find someone without a smartphone on hand nowadays. How can you call this super-smart device a cherry on top if you cannot enjoy the advancement and blessings of science through it? Yes, we are talking about different applications we install in our phones that make our life convenient and smoothen the work process. Installation of various apps, whether it is for IOS, Blackberry, or Android, has increased from 4.5 billion to 224 billion between 2015 and 2016. It’s crazy! Well, surpassing advantages also come with a bunch of responsibilities. When there has been an exponential rise in the download of applications on smartphones, you must be cautious in selecting or downloading any service online, including when it includes a new app.

We all know the main driving force behind this huge installation is the game apps. When there are a lot of services offering premium games for free, you need to use the most reliable one to keep your phone and yourself safe. TutuApp is one of the most downloaded apps in the world that offers you to enjoy premium-games for free. How safe is TutuApp? Is it a legitimate one? These questions might be wandering in your mind. Well, before you install, make sure to have precise knowledge about the app, and you don’t violate the copyright rules of your country!

Things to Look out for before Installing A New App

Before you download any new app (application), take your time and think twice if this service would be safe for you and cause no harm to your privacy. Let’s give in-depth detail about what you should look out for before you install any application.

Source of the App

Whether you are using an IOS or Android phone, check if you are downloading an app from a trustworthy app store on it. In fact, it is the most significant way to safeguard your smartphone. There are many options from where you can install applications, like an app store, installing the APK straight, or from a third-party source. You should download apps from the Google Play Store or Apple store for Android and IOS phones. While security issues of the Apple store are sophisticated, the Play Store is a bit lagging. Any malicious application can roam around the Play Store for months before they get banned.

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Again, installing from an app store doesn’t necessarily ensure you won’t fall upon a third-party source. So, before you are hitting the install button, take your time, and verify if the source is reliable.

New App Reviews

Another useful way to find out if the application you want to download is verified and not involved in any suspicious activity is to go through its customer reviews. It is also a way of quickly checking the authenticity of any service. Even if you know the software is legit, you should check some of the reviews to find out if the application can cause any harm to the security issue of your cell phone. Google Play Store is a very reliable way to check the reviews and judge the activities of service for Android phones. Check the positive and negative comments as well, and look out for their ratings. Will you download and allow access to the information of your smartphone to an application that has a one-star rating? You would never do that.

New App Permissions

It’s fun to use a new game or music app and get mesmerized, right? Security is the last thing crossing your mind while downloading software. But have you ever thought you are permitting the app to access your valuable information in the storage, files, or contact? While installing an app, especially on IOS, Android, or Blackberry, it asks for access to some features of your smartphone. Before you click the download button, look out the features of the software you want to download and compare them with the permissions it is asking to access. For instance, asking for access to the contact or storage is relevant for a chat app, but considering a game app, asking for such permission is irrelevant. Installing an app without a thorough screening of its access request is nothing but allowing a suspicious app to steal your details!

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Check the Developer 

To ensure you are not handing over your details to malicious software, take your time, check the related website, and know about the developer and vendor of the service. The developer is the creator of the software, and the vendor makes the service reach the users. You will find an authentic app store linking to the website of the vendor. A quick google search can also help you reveal the authenticity of their webpage, privacy policy, security measures, etc.

The Name of the Software

Having a close look at the name of the application you are about to install on your phone is a great way to avoid the prey of harmful software. For example, while going through the Play Store, you will find numerous imposter software that claims to be comparable to an authentic app. So before you download any application, look out if the name is verified and check if it is the official version from the developers.

The Number of Downloads

You would go with an app that has been trusted by thousands of people out there, right? So, before downloading, search for its download volume to ensure it is user-approved and secure.

Your smartphone holds all essential, both financial and private details, and ensuring its security is your topmost priority. Looking out for the above points before you download any application will help you keep yourself and the information protected.

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