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Mobile Apps – Tips Regarding the Pre-Development Process

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An idea is all it takes to spark an interest that will lead to the development of a mobile application. The idea may be related to either entertainment or practicality than can help people in their daily routines. The main thing is to seek out a problem that can be solved with a simple application or an original gaming idea that will perfectly fit a mobile platform and has not been attempted before by others. Having the right idea is not always enough. It needs to be developed into a clear goal of what the application is all about. Developing an app takes some time and it all should start with highlighting some key questions such as the following:


What is the Purpose of the App?

Mobile devices themselves improve our day to day lives and allow us to keep in touch with others, as well as, staying up to date with the latest information. The apps present on these devices range from GPS-related apps, different search engines, email apps, calendars and all of the other applications that contribute to simplifying the lives of people. Searching for feedback before starting the development is key and a lot of information can be acquired just by interacting with people interested in your idea pitch. Many mobile apps have become important tools and people use them every day to manage time, schedule meetings, traveling, gaming and sharing ideas.


How Will it Benefit the User?

Even gaming apps solved an important issue for people that wither regularly play console and PC games, or people who enjoy participating in gambling ventures. While the casino games were available on online gaming platforms, things were made much easier with these online casino websites having their respective app that could be accessed instantly with just a tap. Not only users were able to instantly get access to their favorite games but also eliminated the need of traveling to a land-based casino to enjoy them. Of course, there are other forms of entertainment besides casino games. For example, many popular PC and console video games have been ported to mobile and have their respective app.

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What Does the Current Market Offer?

Many indie developers tend to skip a key step in the development process, such as properly researching the market. Information regarding potential competitors that have similar applications and how would your idea be a greater benefit than what is currently available on the market. There are also tools available to find out what people are interested in. An example of a great tool that fulfills this purpose would be the Google Keyword Planner. By using this, a developer can gain important information regarding people’s interests and can find out whether or not the proposed app idea is valid and able to benefit its users.


Does the Wireframe Look Good?

Once a general concept of the idea has been developed, next would be figuring out the look, layout and navigation functions of the app. This can be made on paper by creating a wireframe which is a crude sketch that can be made with pen and paper and will act as a general guide in the development process. The wireframe will highlight the app’s main functions and layout and each frame will examine the details regarding the location of the icons, text and helps in figuring out a simple navigational roadmap and the process should be viewed from a user’s perspective.

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