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Best movie apps for android: watching now

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best movie apps for android

If you want to have fun on a trip or after a busy and tedious day, this list of applications for watching movies will amaze you. Since movies always help fight boredom, I’ve compiled a list of the best free apps for watching movies on mobile devices. Get ready to enjoy the top-rated apps of the moment. In addition to movies, you can easily watch TV series. Many of them are available on the Google Play Store, while others downloaded from external sources. The applications listed below are for Android smartphones, and if you’re looking for apps for iOS, don’t forget to check out MovieBox or Popcorn Time. In this post, I’ll tell you about the best movie apps for android this year.

Getting know: The best movie apps for android in 2020

best movie apps for android

These applications tested on Cyanogen-based Android 10, and I have had no problems with the device used.

1) Showbox:

Showbox is one of the free applications for watching movies that have been the most talked about in recent times. In this app, you will get a lot of offers that allow you to watch movies and TV shows online quickly, which is surprising. Sought and used by millions of people around the world, Showbox is my favorite. You couldn’t find it on google play store but easily downloaded from their official website.

One of the fantastic elements is that you can also download the desired content. You can indeed download something and watch it offline. In case this is not enough, you can also use it on a PC. After many rumors, Showbox is back.


It is the latest addition to our list of the best free movie viewing apps. Unlike Showbox, it stores movies and TV shows on Google devices and other cloud spaces. You can get the latest movies and TV shows just by typing on a mobile screen. For people who complained about the Showbox problem, this could be a fantastic alternative to try.

3) Tubitv:

An application doesn’t easily reach a rating of 4/5, especially when it comes to free apps to watch movies, as people want more features at a lower or no cost. Their service supports large platforms and offers a robust free streaming site. The user can watch movies and TV series for free, and as mentioned, you can choose from 40,000 titles. They made some excellent categories.

Korean dramas and content about Kung Fu are challenging to find elsewhere. So whenever you are looking for something, check out this app, which allows you to watch movies for free. Tubi tv is supported and financed by giants in the entertainment sector.

4) MovieBox:

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of this app, it’s a replica of Showbox. MovieBox is an entertainment center. Here you will find TV series, trailers, and films, available not only for streaming but also for download. If you have searched for your favorite series and have not found them, try Moviebox (iOS), and you will find anything (literally).

Rumors such as “need the jailbreak” for this application are absurd and make no sense. Get all the information needed for installation from the link below and watch and download movies on your iOS device easily.

 5) MovieHD

Once available on the Google Play Store, the Movie HD app removed due to some policy violations. Broadcasting movies on television is possible since it supports Chromecast. You only need a Chrome device. It is one of those free movie watching apps that works well on Android and iOS mobile devices. It may not be at the level of the other applications described, but it is better to have one than none.

Conclusion about best movie apps for android

I hope now you know well about the best movie apps for android in 2020. If you have another suggestion, don’t miss to know us via email, or you can comment us below this post.

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