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10 Must-Have Apps in 2019

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The mobile world moves faster than ever these days, and unfortunately that means you can easily miss the best parts of it. Granted, there’s something to be said for limiting your downloads and keeping only the apps you really love and need. The issue is just figuring out which ones those are in the first place.

To a great extent this depends on who you are, what you want, and how you use your mobile devices. Generally though, we’ve sought to help out a bit with a list of 10 of the best apps, across all categories, to download in 2019.

1. Waze


Finding the best and fastest way through traffic has gotten a lot easier in the mobile age, but that doesn’t mean some apps aren’t better than others. Waze automatically finds you the best path, accounts for traffic, and even recognizes nearby accidents and police officers. These features, plus its sleek look and smooth functionality, make it our choice for navigation apps, hands down.

2. Toreba


Everyone loves crane games. Pop in a few quarters, line up the claw, and hope for the best, right?. But what if you could play crane games anytime, anywhere, for free – and still win real prizes! That’s exactly what can happen with Toreba. The app gives you a set amount of free daily plays, allowing you to take a few shots with your digital claw, and earn a prize (which is shipped to you) if you’re lucky. This one makes our cut largely because it’s just so unique.

3. Robinhood


If you’re at all interested in financial investment, Robinhood is where it’s at. It’s best known for offering 100% commission-free trades, but has also become known for its breadth of opportunities. With Robinhood, you gain access not only to the stock market, but also cryptocurrencies and other alternative investments. And, as is a theme through many of the apps we’re including here, it happens to have a gorgeous interface.

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4. Tasty


Perfect for the foodie in all of us, the Tasty app is a super handy recipe guidebook, letting you search by category, ingredient, flavor, and more. The recipes in the app come with lists of ingredients that simplify shopping, and all sorts of additional features to help with preparation.

5. DraftKings


DraftKings has been around for a while now, but continues to be many people’s go-to pick for daily fantasy sports. An incredible variety of contests, the chance to win real money, and an easy interface all make it appealing. And if that weren’t enough, the app has also added a sportsbook, which provides more traditional sports betting services to people in areas where such activity is permitted.

6. Google Keep

Google Keep

There can seem to be about a thousand different note and reminder apps out there, and the truth is you should pick the one that best suits your own style. With that said though, Google Keep still stands above the competition. It’s been improved steadily over the years, and we prefer it specifically because it allows you to record notes and thoughts in a range of different ways: through post-it-like note, bullet lists, images, documents, etc., and via type or voice command.

7. Discord


If you’re a gamer or tech nerd of any sort, Discord is the hot app to have right now. With a slew of features and a massive community, it’s the perfect way to create and join groups of all sizes and covering all types of topics. In other words, it’s basically the go-to social network for gamers.

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8. Honey


Honey has literally eliminated the need to be concerned about finding the best coupons or promo codes when shopping online. This incredibly useful app does the job automatically. The story goes that the app is the result of a father’s quest for cheaper pizza for his kids. But what we have now is a tool that scans the web in an instant and applies deals to your digital shopping carts.

9. Shazam


Shazam is one of the better-known services we’re listing here. It’s been around to help you identify a song you’re listening to for years now, and is even at the core of Siri’s ability to do the same. But even if mobile voice assistants have streamlined the Shazam process, the app is still valuable. It can set up your Spotify playlists, recommend artists based on your taste, and even identify music around you when you’re not actively using it.

10. Enlight

For the last item on our list, we’re covering Enlight, a powerful image editing app. With Enlight, you can not only apply common filters and shaders to photos, but also splice and edit more complicated images together to create collages and the like. It stands out in a crowded category of editing apps, and is a truly invaluable tool for phone photographers – which, these days, pretty much means all of us!

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