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Marketing on Budget with an Animated Explainer Video

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In the modern-day tech landscape, businesses have started leveraging the power of leading technology to improve sales and customers’ experience. Gone are the days when businesses had relied on registering yellow pages, banner ads, and even TV commercials. Today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, PPC, Vlog Ads, Video Animations, Paid Marketing, and Email Marketing have emerged as the most effective forms of advertisements.

These marketing approaches have helped around thousands of businesses around the world in achieving enhanced sales, acquiring massive customers’ base, and improving on the customers’ experience, leading to lasting revenues and recurring sales. Among the above-mentioned marketing approaches, video animation has recently come into the bigger picture and proven to engage customer more than any other medium.

In essence, a large number of small, medium, enterprise (SMEs) businesses have started adapting animated explainer videos to describe specific products or services, promote, and even educated customers about how their product is the most suitable solution for a problem. However, when making an animated explainer video for a business, one can break the bank and run out of the budget. Thus, we have created this article to show you how to utilize an animated explainer video in a marketing strategy while staying under budget.

How exactly can Animated Explainer Videos Help a Business’s Marketing Strategy?

When talking about how does an animated explainer video benefits a business strategy, it enables a business to deliver complicated information and messages using brief visualizations. Considering how human brains can absorb visuals better than any other form of media, explainer animated videos leave lasting impression on the mind of customers, making them choose you over competitors.

However, animated explainer videos can only work when created in the right manner. In other words, poorly created animated explainer videos can bring in a negative impact on your business, confusing customers about a product. Below is how you can adopt an animated explainer video in your marketing strategy while staying within the budget.

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Undeniably, costing is the prime consideration for every business. When talking about the pricing for video creating, you might not need to spend thousands of dollars on a decent animated video of about a minute of length. However, various ways can allow you to create a robust and impactful animated video at an affordable price. Read along to know how to create an animated explainer video at a cost-effective price.

Search for a Freelance Producer

Rather than hiring a full-time video producer, you can search for a reliable freelance producer. For this, you can Google search for reliable freelance producers. In addition, make sure you ask for work samples that they delivered to previous clients. Through this way, you will be able to save on the hefty amount of money in creating a brief animated explainer video that can otherwise cost thousands of dollars.

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Manage Your Project by Yourself

As a matter of fact, video animation companies can be quite expensive to hire. You can work on research, scripting, voiceover recording, style frames, storyboard, video production, sound, publishing, and advertisement. Through working on the above areas, gradually you will be able to understand project aspects, and will be able to manage project hassle-freely.

Video Script Creation

Video script plays a pivotal role in the success of an animation video. Above all, video script determines various aspects of a finalized video such as information to communicate, voiceover style, and visuals. On top, video script should be of short length about 30 seconds and must not exceed 2 minutes. In essence, your video should be brief. In case, you can communicate everything in 30 seconds, then do not exceed 30 seconds.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that a video of more than two and a half-minute could be too long, thus 1 minute 40 seconds should be the maximum length. To make your script comprehensive and precise, you should review the key points to be included in a script. Advantages of a product are often hassle free to explain and are easier to understand. On another hand, features are often tedious, making the users bored of you. We suggest users to get the script work done by a reliable Animated Video Production Company, as an interesting script can lead to the success of video animation.

In case, you want to create a video script by yourself, and then you need to put in a great deal of efforts. First, you should forget that you are about to create a video for your product. You need to put yourself in the shoes of the viewers. Think about what they want to see in the video other than the promotion of your product. Highlight a problem that customers might be facing, its cause, and how your product can be the most suitable solution. Only in this way, you will be able to create a remarkable video script.

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Onboard a Voice Over Specialist

You simply won’t want to ruin your animated video due to unprofessional voiceover, right. We suggest users to search Fiverr for voice over talent. Their website offers the most talented and skilled voice over artists at economical plans. You can post a voiceover task that will be displayed to different voiceover artists who have influential voices. You can mention a specific style of voice that you want so that you see only the relevant talent. In essence, listening to an animation video about your product in a dominating voice feels amazing.

When you post a voiceover task, you will receive various responses. You can listen to sample voiceovers by individual artists, narrow down the list of artists, and then choose the most competent candidate. In addition, you can specify budget for an individual task. Make sure not to spend too much money, as through reviewing some candidates you can come across with a suitable person at reasonable rates.

Reviewing the Project

The moment you receive finalized voiceovers, you can send them for video production. However, do not make the payment for voice over until your video is finalized as you could require some revisions.

The animator will build scenes, synchronize them with voiceover, and finally include effects in the video. During this time, you should watch the video repeatedly. Also, you can take help from someone who wasn’t actually present at the time of video production or doesn’t know much about your business. In this way, you will be able to receive an entirely new point of view towards your animated explainer video. Once, you are satisfied with the product, you can get video, clear payments i.e. voiceover, and start marketing activities.


So far, we have revealed how to leverage the power of video in business strategies, while staying within the budget. Although there are various types of videos such as 3D animation, whiteboard animation, high end 3D animation, but animated video explainers have proven to be the most effective one in engaging customers, educating them, and bringing in more leads and conversions. In case, you know about more ways, then mention them and add value to this article. If you find this article helpful, then feel free to share and spread the word.

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