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How to Make Sales from Instagram: Tips for E-Commerce Brands

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Ever wondered how the top brands and E-Commerce websites appear on the first page of the search results? Want your brand to be on the top list? If yes, then this article would be surely helpful for you.

To list your E-Commerce business in the top search results and in front of a large audience, then social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram would be a great choice for you. However, in this article, we would discuss some tactics and ways to grow your E-Commerce business by using Instagram. You can even target your audience and can get huge engagements from Instagram Auto Liker which helps you grow more rapidly.

Why Instagram?

Choosing Instagram as your marketing partner is one of the best choices to grow your business. There are tons of reasons for preferring this amazing platform. However, some of the major reasons which you need to know are as follows: 

  • 1 Billion active monthly users from all over the world.
  • More than 500 Million users are active every single day.
  • 5 Billion+ posts are being liked every day.
  • 80+ million pictures are posted daily on Instagram
  • Instagram users are mostly teenagers and have a rich audience.
  • Instagram has double engagements than any other social media platform.

How to Grow your E-Commerce Business from Instagram?

To grow your E-Commerce Business on Instagram, following are some effective ways that can help you drive leads and sales. Here is step by step complete guide of Instagram marketing tips for an E-Commerce business to grow on Instagram to boost their sales and revenue. you can also see stone backsplash peel and stick on it.

1- Tagging products in posts:

Tagging product in the Instagram posts would help you a lot in generating sales and increasing your website traffic. Instagram comes with a new feature that let users tag their products directly in their Instagram pictures. Whenever someone comes around a post of that product and interact with the product, they would be displayed with a short description of that product and then they have the option to learn more about that product through the link of your website. It’s quite an efficient method in selling products by tagging them in your photos. Hence this method tends to be more effective for your E-Commerce business to drive leads and sales.

2- Swipe Up in Instagram Stories to Make Sales:

Instagram Business profiles having 10k followers have a special ability that can let you to add a link of your website/store in your posts. So that people can “Swipe Up” or “Learn More” to get redirected to the sales page. This feature can be accessible only if you have 10k followers in your business account. If you have followers less than 10k, no need to worry about that. Simply first increase your followers and become Instagram famous to grow rapidly on Instagram in order to achieve that 10k target.

3- Place the link of your Website/Store in your Instagram Bio:

The easiest method to get targeted traffic to your E-Commerce website through Instagram is through placing your website link in the bio of your Instagram account a majority of the people checks the bio of the Instagram account first and click on the link of your site if they get interested in that. So don’t forget to add your website link in your bio because it plays an important role in driving traffic to your account. You can add only 1 link in your bio to drive traffic from Instagram to your website. If you want to track your CTR (Click Through Rate) you should use third-party sites to shorten links such as Bitly, and Adfly, etc. to know where your clicks are coming from. Make sure to short your URL to make it look clean and user-friendly. The website should be well optimized as it would be directly accessible from mobile.

4- Shoppable Posts on Instagram:

Instagram has recently introduced a new way through which brands and stores can tag their products in their stories and posts to make them shoppable. Using this amazing feature, business persons can easily generate many sales by promoting their products on Instagram.

Simply you have to tag your product in your posts or stories. So whenever a user opens your posts or stories, your products would be listed there. If he likes the product and wants to buy it or learn more about that product, an option is available there known as tap to view products. By tapping on the product, a popup appears on the screen revealing more information about the product such as Product name, price, and the link. So if you get interested in buying that product, you have to tap on the link of that particular product and it would take you to the website where you can make a purchase online. Shoppable posts tend to look the same as a normal Instagram post, just there is an additional note saying that “Tap to view product”.Instagram ads are also another great way to reach your audience and promote your products in front of the right peoples to get more sales. Instagram Ads are also shoppable where users can easily click on the ad and shop the products easily by going to the targeted website/store.

Above are some of the best ways to grow your E-Commerce business on Instagram. Follow the mentioned guidelines and take your business to the next level. After you make a sale from instagram be sure to put a postcard in the packaging with a coupon to get repeat buyers. You can get them at American Sign Letters.

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