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The Magic of 3D Printing: What Can It Do and How?

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The Magic of 3D Printing: What Can It Do and How?

3D printing is a continually evolving and essential transformative technology common in the field of additive manufacturing. The technology comes in various forms for the different applications it has.

Have you ever wondered what the uses of 3D printing are?

If you’re curious about finding the answer to the question, the following are 3D printing uses for you to review.

3D Printing in the Vehicle Manufacturing Industries

Motor companies such as General Motors and Ford Motor Company use 3D technology to create prototype vehicle parts which would otherwise be too expensive or time-consuming to design. The elements created by 3D printing usually weigh lighter and are more efficient.

The Ford Motor Company develops prototypes for vents, cylinder heads, and brake rotors using 3D printers.

This rapid prototyping called silicone molding or vacuum casting requires a master model to reproduce duplicates. This facilitates the development of flexible parts.

3D Printing in Healthcare and Medicine

Specialized 3D printers can be used to print and create organs for transplant from a patient’s cells. Dr. Anthony Atala first created artificial scaffolds by first printing the scaffolds using a 3D printer and then covering them with living cells.

A 3D printed lung splint was modeled using a computer and printed using biodegradable polyester to save a child with premature lung complications. The brace was matched to the child’s trachea using precise and accurate CT scans.

Patients no longer have to brave long waiting lists for organs and hospitals do not use hands to attach implanted structures anymore.

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3D printers are also used to print bionic prosthetic limbs which are lightweight and significantly cost less than usual.

surgeons use 3D models and prints in the preparation and planning phase of complex organ transplant operations.


Architects can create beautiful and highly-detailed tangible models which precisely take into account the specific building measurements and the construction site conditions. State-of-the-art 3D printers can be used to develop high-quality physical impressions of the internal and external landscapes such as entertainment spaces and exterior décor.

A firm from Amsterdam called Dus Architects successfully created a 3D print canal house using the 20-foot long KamerMaker 3D printer.

The process involved separately developing each room followed by the assembling and stacking together of the rooms to print the house.

3D Printing Uses in the Fashion Industry

The manufacture and design of clothes and footwear are one of the various 3D printing uses in fashion. Adidas partnered with Carbon, a Silicon Valley start-up, to commence large scale production of its 3D printed-sole shoe model.

Other competing companies like Nike and New Balance have also applied the same 3D printing technology to develop their prototypes.


Yes, 3D printing uses are universal and apply to a wide range of design and manufacturing processes both in the goods and services industry.
3D printing technology continues to evolve to meet the demand for design and efficiency in additive manufacturing.

For more information about the applications and processes of 3D modeling and printing, please check out our website.

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