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When Should You Let Go Of Your Digital Design Agency?

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Almost as important as finding the right digital design company is knowing when it’s time to let them go. Few things are constant, least of all businesses. Given time, there will always be new developments in the markets, management, vision, and the tools available that make old partnerships challenging or unworkable.

Here’s how you know it might be time to fire your current digital design agency.

1.) They no longer provide an acceptable turnaround

Perhaps they’ve started getting more clients than they can manage. Perhaps your business has expanded to the point they are no longer able to handle the volume of work they are able to provide. Perhaps it’s both. In any case, you may have to consider switching to an agency that has the capacity to deliver on time or hiring another agency to take up the slack. 

2.) Even after a few months, it’s clear they do not understand your brand

No one understands your brand better than you. Sometimes it can be tough communicating your specific vision for it. This means it’s normal even for veteran agencies to struggle for a couple of weeks to understand the true essence of a unique brand. But if they keep missing the entire point after several months, it may be time to reevaluate how you’re communicating with them or to move on altogether. 

3.) You are not given access to your own accounts

If the agency has created accounts on your behalf, but won’t give you access to them, this can be a major red flag. It can mean they somehow messed up and are hiding it from you. More often though, it can mean that they are neglecting your brand entirely.  In either case, it can show a lack of transparency that should be at least concerning for any brand. 

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4.) They lack certification and social proof

At the end of the day, it’s important that an agency is able to deliver to your satisfaction. But if the relationship has been going on a while, and you notice that they’re not out making a name for themselves with other businesses or if they fail to show they keep up-to-date with their knowledge, this can be a red flag. This can mean that their internal culture isn’t interested in improving itself or with keeping up with the latest developments in their industry, which can be problematic for any long-term relationship.  This can be even more troubling if they fail to generate any positive word within their own industry. 

5.) They’ve lied to you

While the previous red flags can be forgivable, any kind of dishonesty should be seen as a sign that the relationship with your design agency should be put to an end. Who knows what else they could be hiding from you? Do they even know what they’re doing? Can you even take the risk that they don’t with your hard-earned money? You already probably know the answer.

What other red flags are there? Tell us.

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