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How to Use Some of Your Favorite Emojis

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How to Use Some of Your Favorite Emojis

Communication is among the critical aspect of people’s lives, and they use it every day. From the moment that we started talking, we begin the communication process with different individuals surrounding us, especially the family that raised us. It is the way we send a message to people and let them know what we feel, think, dislikes, and likes, making every relationship stronger. With the technology that we can use every day, it is easy for people to link themselves.

These days, people are using specific technologies to link themselves with others digitally, and it is possible with the help of cellular phones and different phone apps. At this age, most people keep on using many emojis when they send their messages. You can use an emoji as a tool for connecting with people, and it can also help you enhance your message and making it more meaningful when you deliver them. With multiple emojis available today, you can add mixed feelings to all of your words.

It’s a brilliant idea to use emojis because your message will look more honest, especially if it’s for your friends or family. Using emojis can also allow you to deliver emotions or feelings if you don’t know what to say. Because of the extensive collection of emojis, it is sometimes hard to memorize and even familiarize them. That’s why this article will help you know some of the emojis and their meaning. So here’s how to use some of your favorite emojis.

Purple Heart Emoji 💜

It is the perfect emoji to use if you want to show love to others. It shows an image of a purple heart that looks pure and beautiful. The purple heart emoji could mean admiration, joy, affection, or love. 

It possesses a maternal quality because of the beautiful color. People can also use this emoji type in a mother’s day message. Moms can use this emoji to show their children the care and affection they need, and it’s also possible that the younger generation will use it as a text-decoration to send to their friends.

Sign of the Horns Emoji 🤘

This emoji type appeared in a public way back in 2015, and it is also famous by the name rock emoji, but some users might call it as a rock on emoji. There are also times that people mention it as a rock sign emoji. It shows a gesture of a hand raising in the air with its index and pinky, and this emoji can deliver different meanings.

People can refer to it as the devil, heavy metal, or encouraging to begin an activity. The rock emoji is commonly used at rock music-themed concerts or parties. It can also mean as “Rock on!.”

Raising Hands Emoji 🙌

It is an emoji that looks like a person’s hands raised in the air, representing excitement or celebration. The raising hands’ emoji can interpret the word like “Hurray!.” This emoji type is also a sign to tell your teammates, “Give me ten,” and that usually occurs when something positive happens and is commonly observed when you watch sports or different games that people play.


Today, people can use a collection of emojis, and they can make it a tool for communication. It is fun and awesome to use because you can insert different emotions in a message by just using emojis. You can send a direct feeling through a message if you use the right emoji. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can flirt with them casually by using specific emojis. You can also use some emoji apps to access more emojis that will satisfy your need.

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