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How to Make Video Ads That Convert and Win Audiences Over

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Video marketing has been around for years. People tend to think of the videos on our websites or before our YouTube videos as the original video ads, but in reality, commercials are a form of video ads as well.

Video ads help put a voice and brand behind your business and can ensure that people feel a certain way when they think about your business.

Here is our guide on how to make video ads that actually lead to conversions.

1. Form a Strong Call-to-Action

The first step in creating video ads is to determine how you are going to pull your audience in. A strong call-to-action (CTA) is required when it comes to getting conversions for your ad.

But you have to form your CTA towards what you want your customer to do. Are you trying to build awareness on a subject that pertains to your business? Then maybe you should look into having them check out the education section of your website.

Is it hurricane season and you want your potential customers to have their roof secure and ready? Have a contact us now and every place they can contact you to schedule an appointment to come see your roof.

Getting previous customers in on the experience can also help translate to a happier feeling being associated with your brand. Customer testimonials can help tell other potential customers that you have a trustworthy brand and should be seen as an authority.

2. Know Your Target Audience

One of the easiest ways to throw away money is to do YouTube video ads that are not directed towards your target customer. If you’re a roofing company, showing a roofing ad to a teenager that is living in a college dorm is a waste of ad space for both you and the teenager.

That teenager might then now associate your ad with being annoying and that creates a negative connotation with your brand, which is what you do not want.

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But, if you have a viewer that is specifically looking up roofing types or roofing repairs, that is the perfect customer to have your ad in front of. Even when a customer is trying to DIY something, you can interject and let them know why it is better to call a professional.

3. Write a Script

Video marketing is one of those marketing campaigns that can not be thrown together last minute and improvised. Writing a clear and concise script can make everyone’s life easier.

This allows for great planning ahead of time and allows for a great message to come across to the customer. It will also make filming easier to direct.

A great script will also help the target audience feel a certain way. If you want someone to feel scared that their roof might fly away, you should not be humorous and cracking jokes about the storm. This can actually end up doing the opposite and cause people to think that storms are no big deal.

4. Set up a Filming Schedule

Work with your team to set up a filming schedule. This will run into service time and work time so keep this in mind when planning out the filming schedule. You do not want your staff at a customer’s house, only for them to leave and have to come to your set because there was no proper planning.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can film, with customers’ approval and written consent, the process of you repairing or installing something in their home. This shows you in the field and how you handle your services, while also being able to attend to the customer at hand.

5. Determine What Equipment to Use

Your equipment could make or break an ad when it comes to video ads. You do not want your video to end up like it was lost footage that was found in an attic from 50 years ago.

If you are going for a personal, relatable feeling for a single owner company, like an educational course, then an iPhone shot can actually convey the best message. This makes the target audience feel like they can trust you and that you are relatable.

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And if you have a software program you are selling, then you want to make sure that you have screen recording software. Filming a screen with a camera is extremely unprofessional and easily leads to wasted ad dollars.

For those seeking a professional voice over agency for your ads, be sure to check out the link.

For those looking to shoot a physical service with people, it is easy to rent a camera these days. You can rent and pay by the day or hour and just offload the footage to your personal storage drives when you are done.

This can save you from having to fork out a ton of money for a high-quality camera that you will only use a hand full of times.

Also, ensure that the voice quality matches the video quality. You do not want to have crystal clear images while your voice sounds like its caught in the middle of a hurricane.

6. Edit Your Ad

Editing is just as important as filming the ad. It is needed to cut together different shots and edit out and weird transitions or mishaps that will go uncaught during the filming process.

Avoid over-editing your ads as well, as it takes away the professional look that an ad conveys. This means using minimal filters and after-effects that can make them seem cheesy and silly.

How to Make Video Ads: Key Takeaways

Regardless of the industry or service that your business is in, learning how to make video ads is just as important as making any other ad. It directly impacts potential customers and the brand image you are trying to sell.

Use these effective video ads tips to ensure that when people see your video ad, they know exactly why you are an authority on that subject.

If you want to learn more about the digital world, be sure to check out our other articles. If you know a business that could use some video marketing help, be sure to share this article with them.

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