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How Sewing Machines Evolved with Technology

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In the past, sewing machines do very simple stitchings. As technology progresses in the following centuries, the changes in the design and function of sewing machines were very minimal.

The invention of the sewing machine took place in 1755 by a German engineer, Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal. After him, many followed suit in making their own model of sewing machines. The following century, there were several makers of sewing machines who thought of combining functions of several prototypes into one. Here are some of the makers’ brand who are still known as of today like:

  • Isaac Merritt Singer
  • Elias Howe
  • Nathaniel Wheeler
  • Allen B. Wilson

Different Kinds of Stitches That Sewing Machines Make

A sewing machine is capable of making different stitches either plain or with patterns. According to Wikipedia, it cited 5 different kinds of stitches:

  • Cover Stitch
  • Chain Stitch
  • Overlock
  • Zigzag Stitch
  • Lock Stitch

Cover stitch

This stitching is for hems of skirts, t-shirts, and leggings. It is to secure the hemline or the edges of the made clothing pieces.

Chain stitch

This pattern of the stitch is the standard for hemming jeans and denim. As what the name states, the stitching looks like a chain. This is also used for closure of bags.


Overlock is stitching to secure one or two pieces of garments together such as seaming, edging or hemming. An overlock sewing machine also cuts off the edges of the cloth as it stitches the material.

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Zigzag stitch

This kind of stitch is the geometric version of lockstitch. The zigzag stitch is used wherein straight stitching is inadequate to secure the garments such as for buttonholes and stretchy fabrics.


The other term for lockstitch is “single needle stitching.” This is the most usual type of machine stitching.

To know further about stitches, you may want to check sewing machines reviews wherein it will elaborate more on stitches.

Sewing Machine and Technology

As was mentioned earlier, the sewing machine’s progress did not move as fast with technology. It took several more years before it engaged in adopting a millennial feel.

From scary looking industrial sewing machines in the 1700s down to a portable sewing machine for domestic use. From manual pedals to computerized functions. This is how far the sewing machines had come.

Anything that was invented centuries ago had always been bulky and complicated; sewing machines obviously are not exempted from this kind of design. As years had gone by, these complicated machines shrunk into more handy models, but this is only true for the domestic type of sewing machines.

Industrial sewing machines, since it is used for heavy work, it needs to be heavy duty. But what is amazing with new units of sewing machines are the digital and computerized features. It does not only have different designs for stitches, but some units also have a touch screen and infrared technology.

With the likes of Brother, Juki, Janome, Singer, Kenmore — just to name a few — provide the newest technology in the market. It is easier to use sewing machines these days especially for women who want to try sewing at home. Modern units offer an infrared technology which guides with precision as the fabric runs through the sewing machine.

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Some models also offer customizable stitching that can be programmed through a computer and transferred to the sewing machine. With this kind of technology being incorporated in simple household appliances, it surely gives ease not just to mothers but also to those who enjoy sewing.

Sewing with digitized sewing machine already made life easy, but imagine what you can do with a computerized one. It brought sewing to a different level. If you are interested to know which sewing machine offers the best function and feature, always read sewing machines reviews for feedback on these products. It will be useful if you are thinking to avail one.

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