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Help for Video Animator: 11 Smart Queries to Ask The Clients

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Help for Video Animator

It is understood that graphics designing has spread its wings all over the world, and the graphics designing services are widely used in all the sectors related to any industry, and video animation is one of the most popular subsets of graphics designing.

Just like the clients, who are picky about hiring the video animators, there are some of the ravishing video animation companies like Video Animation Inc. who are also selective about taking the clients, which is believingly a positive thing.

Here is the list of some of the brilliant questions that all the outstanding video animation companies or professional video animators ask the clients before hiring them.

1. Tell Me About the Product or Service Your Brand Sells

Gain all the knowledge you can about the client that has approached you for making the video animations. Ask them all the necessary questions, like what kind of business they have, what type of product or service they are selling to the market, and who their aimed consumers are. The more you will know about the client’s company profile, the more easily it will get for you to do the work for the clients.

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2. Who Are You, Competitors?

Also, ask the clients who are their competitors, do they have similar plan used or availed currently, or is there something that inspires them to take a chunk from it to include that in the video animation they want you to create.

3. Who is Your Target Audience?

Ask the clients who are the intended buyers or consumers of the product or service that their brand offers. Knowing the audience is really important for you to understand as it will help to use the relevant content and visuals in the video animation. Since every category of the audience belongs to different age group or gender, the video should be constructed in a way that it strikes the head of the main consumers first, and then to other people as well.

4. Have You Ever Hired a Video Animator or Video Animation Company Before?

If the clients already have the experience with any other video animation company or video animator, then they must have some high expectations from you. It should be in your knowledge what has brought the clients to you.

5. How Was the Experience?

You should know what the main reason is that they are not hiring the same person or company again for creating the video for them. If it was a bad experience, you must ask them what has caused the discontentment, so that you can be cautious about that while working.

6. Which Animation Service Are You Looking For Currently?

Make sure they are explaining the right kind of video animation service to you. Ask them for the sample of the work they are inspired with to take the small pieces from it to create the animation video for them.

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7. Will You Be Providing the Script For the Video?

Most of the time the clients prefer the video animators to arrange the video script for them. They guide the animators or the animation company with the requirements that they want or the storyline that they need the animators to follow. Whereas, there are a few clients who provide the adequately structured manuscript to be followed in the video animation.

8. Are There Any Specific Details You Like to Share That Is Need to Be Included In You Animation Video?

Ask the clients do they want any additional features or elements in the video. Note down all the points that they mention that is of high priority. If there is any unreasonable wish of the client, explain them with care and ask them to negotiate at the point.

9. When Do You Want the Project to Be Submitted to You?

Make sure the timeline that has been provided to you is acceptable according to the list of requirements that have been handed over to you.

10. What Is Your Budget?

Ask the clients how much they are willing to spend on the services they want from you. Match their quotation with the list of the requirements and timeframe they are giving. Negotiate to the level of justification if needed.

11. How Do You Like to Make the Payments?

There are three ways of payments people are commonly aware of, which includes

  • Full advance payments.
  • A certain percentage of the amount will be paid in advance, and the rest will be paid after the submission of the project.
  • Complete payment after the submission of the project.

Ask your client which payment method is convenient for them.

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