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Top Technologies to Help Live Better With Dementia

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Dementia is frightening and extremely overwhelming condition. From caregivers, loved ones, to patients, dementia is a condition that can make life hell. However, with technology, you can reduce anxiety and make life better. For instance, you can establish a routine that makes the quality of life better for the parties involved. With that in mind, here are top technologies that are improving the quality of life when it comes to giving care to dementia patients.


Assistive technology is taking center stage when it comes to alleviating anxiety during the diagnosis period. For instance, patients suffering from this condition tend to confuse day and night. However, with clocks, this confusion can be eliminated—making the patient more independent. So, get yours from https://dementia.livebetterwith.com/collections/clocks-watches for a better life. Plus, caregivers can easily establish a routine for patients—which makes their work easier.

The best Dementia Clocks

People with dementia usually find it hard tracking time. And this can be extremely devastating. But the good news is that there are numerous tools that can help your loved one to overcome these challenges. Whether you prefer an analog or a digital model, there’s always something in store for you.

Day & Night Clock

Most dementia patients are unable to tell whether it’s day or night. And this is particularly more important during the winter season when it’s totally dark at both 6 am as well as 6 pm. With the aid of a dementia clock, this form of confusion is cleared up, since it shows different parts of the day in an easily comprehensible way.

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Communication Aids

Memory loss is another common sign of dementia. And that’s where communication aids come in. These aids help patients and caregivers to stay in constant communication—which plays a key role in memory care. According to research findings, patients can now stay in touch with family and friends. This helps them boost their memory capacities. For instance, you can get adapted telephone and program them with the numbers that are dialed frequently.

Monitoring the Use of Electrical Appliances

Sometimes, a caregiver doesn’t have to live with the patient. In this case, they can use electrical monitoring to give care to the patient. With this technology, you have a solution that will help you how the patient utilizes all electrical appliances.

GPS Location Tracking Devices

Patients suffering from dementia tend to wander a lot. That’s why you need location tracking devices to monitor their physical location. Patients can wear location devices. They tend to send regular alerts—letting caregivers have complete control over their patients.

Other Technologies

  • Other technologies include:
  • Home care robots.
  • Home monitoring devices.
  • In-home cameras
  • Medication management technology
  • Picture phones
  • Reminder messages

The Bottom-Line

Dementia is a tormenting condition. However, it doesn’t have to make life difficult. Plus, technology has made it possible to make caregiving easy. Even more, technologies like clocks have made patients more independent. So, if you have someone who is suffering from this condition, tap into the above technologies to make life better.


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