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Fully Automatic Paper Winding Machine

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fully automatic winding machine

Paper winding is a process which converts the large parent wheel into customer-sized rolls which are ready for shipping. It covers the training process and equipment used for this process is called winder. A winding machine is an electromechanical machine which winds the paper.

Types of paper:

There are many types of papers which might be winded by automatic machine. Some of them are the following:

  1. Bond paper
  2. Silk coated paper
  3. Uncoated paper
  4. Recycled paper
  5. Gloss coated paper
  6. Matt coated paper
  7. Watermarked paper
  • Basic processes in the automatic winding machine:

There are basically two processes involved in the paper industry. Reeling and winding. Reeling process is also called parent reels. This process is used to make large rolls of papers at the dry end of the machine.

In the winding process, large parent reels which are produced on the paper are converted into required sized rolls. These rolls are then ready for shipping.

  • How automatic winding machine works:

As we know that papermaking includes two major steps. In first step cellulose extracted from trees is converted into pulp and in second step pulp is place on machine where it is dried, processed and cut into sheets and rolls. Basically, the fully-automatic paper winding machine is divided into two major components, wet and dry end. There are also some factors which are involved and must be handled carefully like pH, whitening agents or some other chemicals. Different steps are involved like forming, pressing, dying, sizing, calendaring, reeling and winding. The paper is squeezed to separate water. Water is removed by rolls. 60% of the water is still present. The sheet is passed through dryers which are steam-heated. Moisture content is 2-6 %. Starch is applied to it. It gives the ability to resist water and ink.

Reels of paper are wound up and fully trimmed from drying. After drying process sheet is adjusted automatically and thickness is controlled. A scanner works automatically to check the weight, thickness and moisture content. Reel of paper with a weight of 30 tons goes to the winder for cutting. Paper slits into small roles. The machine adjusts the paper on winding stand with sharp cutting wheels. Winder turns the paper into the required size. The winder works until the required size is needed. Normally, a reel gas sufficient place to make two or more rolls.

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Rolls are automatically separated, bar-coded and winded. These are ready for shipping and for conversion into other products.

Automatic paper winding machine is developed nowadays. Parason is considered as best paper making Machine Company. Automatically papermaking machine is considered as best as compare to manual because it reduces the time as well as human efforts. Although it has reduces the manpower but on the other hand, a skilled person is also required to handle the automatic machine as well as maintenance is also required.

  • Purpose of a paper winding machine:

The basic purpose of a paper winding machine is to convert large diameter into finishing roll sets. Large diameter machine with paper’s parent reeling, which is produced on a paper machine is converted into total finishing roll sets which are ready for shipping. When the parent reel is transported following steps are performed by the winder:

  • Unwinding the paper from reeling machine or parent reel

Cutting the sheets into different lengths and widths

  • Trimming from both edges
  • Guidance of sheets to go in the winding section, where the winding process starts onto cores
  • Removing of finish roll sets
  • These all processes are handled by machine accurately as well as automatically
  • Automatic paper winding machine is famous for its:
  • Reliability
  • High capacity
  • High-quality rolls
  • Good runnability

The structure of finished paper rolls depends on 3 basic winding variables:

  1. Winding torque
  2. Nip load
  3. Sheet tension

There is only 1 winder for 1 machine and it consumes 50% of the time due to many reasons like blade changes, slitting adjustment, maintenance, and repairing. In fully automating paper winding machine these all process are done automatically.

  • Features of fully automatic paper winding machine:

Some important features of the automatic paper winding machine are the following:

  • Automatic splitting:

Automating slitting gives clean and clear cut. It avoids overlapping. It Decreases the time because a single machine has a single winding process.

  • Detection of page breaking:

Winds have sensors in it which detect the page breaking or any other issue like overlapping. Winder scans it automatically and separated it and discarded. Sensors are of types:

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Fiber optic sensor

Contact sensor

Non-contact sensor

The optic sensor is fitted above or under the winder. These are not affected by temperature or dust. This electrical slip ring works with the help of beam light.

  • Accurate knife cut:

With the help of an automatic machine, it gives the exact required size with neat edges. Sharp blades in machine help in the neat and proper cutting of paper.

  • Advantages of fully automatic paper winding machine:

  1. It improves the quality of work and there is less consumption of time
  2. The paper winding machine works fast because 50% of total work is done by a winding machine and there is 1 winding process for a single machine
  3. It avoids paper breaking and paper overlapping.
  4. Chances of mistakes are less and reduced the manpower.
  5. Their sizes and designs can be customized as a requirement.
  6. Different sensors maintain processing.
  7. It can also reduce human labor and increase output.
  8. There are fewer chances of injury like cuts or abrasion.
  • Some disadvantages:

  1. There is also some disadvantage of the fully automatic paper winding machine:
  2. These are costly and heavy investment is required.
  3. The automatic machine requires a lot of knowledge and skill for its proper functioning and maintenance.
  4. There are also chances of a software problem where maintenance is necessary.
  5. It requires light, electricity, and sensors
  • Conclusion:

The fully automatic paper winding machine which converts large parent wheel into customized size. it is totally automatic which reduces the human effort and time. Paper rolls are automatically separated, bar-coded and cut into the required size. It improves the capacity and reliability. This machine also reduces the chances of paper overlapping. Different kinds of sensors are also used which detects the working of a machine.

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