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Fresh SSL Lookup Tool

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With some experience and technical skills, you can use a command-line search to find information about SSL certificates. However, new and more straightforward tools have rendered this method inefficient and a bit old school.

Nowadays, we want our data to be neat and easily accessible. That is precisely what Spyse aims to accomplish with their tools. Today we’ll discuss CertDB, a service that makes the process of finding information about SSL certificates much simpler and cleaner.

With CertDB you can get extensive data on SSL certificates including:

  • The issuer of the certificate;
  • Its expiration date;
  • Overall information on the certificate;

The great thing about Spyse is that they let you interweave their tools for more useful data. Combining data obtained using CertDB with other Spyse tools will give you a fuller picture of your network security.

Who Can Use CertDB

Who Can Use CertDB

The idea behind tools like CertDB is to make complicated cybersecurity operations accessible to both field professionals and casual users with little experience.

This tool can be easily implemented by anyone seeking to give that extra level of defense to their web infrastructures.

Here’s who can benefit from using this tool:

  • Cybersecurity specialists, pentesters – this tool makes their job quicker and more efficient;
  • Certificate resellers can generate leads by tracking certificate expiration dates;
  • Bloggers, web business owners, and startups who want to keep their networks and developing ideas out of reach from hackers.

Let’s take a closer look.

Site Owners

If you run a website, chances are you’ve dealt with attackers once or twice. Hackers always hunt for vulnerable websites, especially those who do not renew expired certificates. Using this tool helps site owners keep their SSL or TLS certificates in check, stay aware of expiration dates, and ensure the certificates’ quick renewal.

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Security Engineers and Pentesters

For security experts, CertDB is extremely handy when combined with other Spyse tools. SSL lookup can help test the defense capabilities of the network. But it is best used simultaneously with services like PortMap to gain a fuller picture of the system, and prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities. More on this in the next section.

Certificate Resellers

Resellers can use this tool to know in advance when a digital certificate expires. This way, they can target parties who wish to renew their certificates. CertDB can also be used to view regions with the largest quantities of issued certificates, efficiently sorting them by type: DV (domain validation), OV (organization validation), and EV (extended validation).

More on Spyse’s Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all the necessary cybersecurity tools combined in a single search engine? In addition to the SSL lookup service, Spyse gives you the full toolset which can help monitor your network, identify and prevent attacks. These tools currently function in beta test mode; Spyse is now gathering user feedback and preparing for a full launch. There are six tools in the Spyse ecosystem at the moment:

  • DNSlookup – perform DNS lookup, find and sort all DNS records.
  • CertDB – as discussed above.
  • FindSubdomains – Find all subdomains of any existing domain on the web.
  • PortMap – a handy port checker: scan for open and vulnerable ports; map your network perimeters.
  • ParseIP – grab any text or image, and parse it: find the IP’s and domains inside.
  • ASlookup – an all-encompassing Autonomous System and Subnets explorer; works on your company or any other company in the world.

All of this is a small taste of what’s to come. Services like Spyse seek to give power to the people and make the internet a safer place. All these tools are built for broad data collection and simplicity of use, implementing filters to make your data neat. Oh, and a friendly UI which will make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a Tesla.

And the best news: you can try it for free. Spyse gives away three free credits to new users.

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