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Five Must-Have Forklift Tools In Your Mechanic Toolbox

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Five Must-Have Forklift Tools In Your Mechanic Toolbox

Taking care of the forklifts is essential to ensure their productivity, safety, and longevity. As it has been said, ‘A mechanic that would perfect his work must sharpen his tools first,’ you need to have proper forklift accessories.

Having the right set of implements, you can make sure that your forklift trucks are maintained and repaired properly. Here, we are going to list five forklift tools that should never be missing in your mechanic toolbox-

Chain Wear Gauge

Chains are the most critical moving parts on a forklift to maintain. They feature pins that connect the links together to create a full length so that they can lift heavy loads. Due to the excessive operational usage, the incorrectly maintained chains might break. If it happens, both the operator and the nearby personnel are in danger of serious injury from the dropped load.

Therefore, a forklift mechanic conducts chain inspection using a chain gauge. It helps him to determine if the chains are in good shape or need to be replaced. If you are a newbie in forklift mechanic job, you can search online about how to get forklift certification to have deep insight into your work.


When a load wheel on a truck needs a quick change, the camberjack makes the job easy. It enables a technician not only to remove or replace the load wheel but also eliminates unnecessary wheel changes.

A single push towards the floor would lower the handles and raise the base leg of the camberjack. This raised leg provides the mechanic with ample space to reach the load wheels that need replacement. Moreover, it can work even in tight places.

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Grease Gun

A grease gun is a common forklift tool used for lubrication. It is used to apply lubricant to a specific point through an aperture. Regular service of the forklift and accessories entails greasing the mast, load wheels, and several other parts.

Having a manual, pistol grip grease gun in the tool-kit makes your job easier. Just slip the tube of grease inside the holder, and you’re ready to do your job. While buying a grease gun, make sure you get a nozzle extension.

Crimping Tool

Sometimes, forklift repairs require you to make cable assemblies using cables of different sizes. A crimping tool makes your task of crimping the cable ends quick and super-easy. It comes with different size options that enable you to handle any cable size.

You just need to place your end on the cable and use the tool securely to crimp it in place. And, you are ready to install the cable assemblies. Make sure that the copper ends of the wire aren’t protruding too far on the outside. Also, after fixing the joint, check the lug to make sure that it is secure and doesn’t rip off.

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Crimping Tool

When it comes to diagnosing or solving any electrical issue, an altimeter is a great tool. It helps you to measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, frequency, capacitance, resistance, and duty cycle. By accurately measuring these parameters, this tool helps to prevent electrical mishaps while working on a forklift.

To use the tool, you need to turn the dial to the desired measurement and plug in the leads. After that, power on the altimeter and you are done.

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These are the five most important tools you should have in your forklift tool-kit. However, it is vital to be well-trained and certified to use these tools which require a lot of precision. So, when it comes to handling heavy material, it is important to have proper forklift training.



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