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Export EML Files to PST Format Using EML to Outlook Converter – SysTools

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Export EML Files to PST Format Using EML to Outlook Converter

If you want to export EML files to PST file format without losing any data then you need a trusted and secure SysTools EML to Outlook Converter. It is designed to export email messages into PST format along with attachments. It is capable enough to save and load all .eml files with maintaining the folder hierarchy. The best part of the software is that it supports multiple mail client platforms that save data in .eml format. Some features of this software listed below:

  • Allows to preview all messages in different styles without losing a single bit of data
  • Import EML files to Outlook PST by maintaining the email formatting and attributes
  • Option to sort all email messages by its attributes such as To, From, Subject, etc.
  • Keeping the folder structure while converting EML messages to PST format file
  • EML to Outlook converter tool supports to create a PST file in UNICODE format
  • Capable to move selected folders as well as data items of EML file into Outlook PST
  • The software is compatible with all versions of MS Outlook during data conversion

Detailed Features of EML to Outlook Converter Software

Export EML Files to Outlook PST in Bulk

Users can transfer selective email messages or the complete folder of EML files into Outlook PST format and keeping folder hierarchy upheld by using this EML to Outlook converter tool. It will also maintain the formatting of emails and extract all embedded attachments.

export eml to pst

Automatically Load EML Email Messages

It is become quite easy to export EML files to PST format. Because the EML to Outlook exporter tool renders a windows explorer style view in an efficient way. From the left side pane; users can select a particular folder having .eml files and its all email messages will get loaded automatically with the item count.

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Option to View EML Files in Multiple Modes

With the help of SysTools EML to Outlook converter tool, users can generate an instant preview of emails before exporting EML files to PST format in different modes such as Normal, Hex, property, MIME, HTML and so on.

Preview Multiple Email Attachments

This application provides an inbuilt viewer facility that helps to generate an instant preview of all attachments of corresponding .eml file before converting EML to Outlook PST. With this wizard, users can easily import email messages with attachments into MS Outlook.

Ability to Sort EML Mails by Attributes

While converting EML files to PST format users can short all the emails by its attributes including To, From, Sent Date, Subject, Received Date and File Size in KB. With this amazing EML to Microsoft Outlook converter feature, users can choose the required emails only and import them into Outlook 2016 or below versions.

Provide Option to Split Outlook Data File

The EML file to Outlook Converter tool equips an option of splitting resultant PST file by its size into multiple smaller parts. If you select this option, the resultant PST file will be divided into multiple smaller parts; all of the specified size.

Tool Supports All Email Client Programs

This EML to Outlook importer supports multiple email client platforms that store data in .eml file format. Each mail client supports EML files, which are completely supported by EML to Outlook i.e., Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Eudora, Windows Mail, etc. Find the complete guide on how to transfer windows live mail to Outlook.

Change Software Screen View Mode

Users can switch the view mode of the software screen from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. By default, the application preview for email messages and attachments is set to the horizontal screen view mode that can be transferred as peruses need. It can be done at any time during exporting EML files to PST format.

Create PST File in Unicode Format

While converting EML files into Outlook PST, the software creates a Unicode PST type by default. This will help to store a large number of email messages as Unicode PST belongs to Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. It has the capacity to save up to 20 GB of data.

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Make New Folder to Save Resultant File

The EML to Outlook Converter tool permits a user to save the resultant PST files to any preferred location. As an alternative, users can also make a new folder through the application as they browse for a location to save Outlook data file (.pst).

Frequently Asked Question for EML to Microsoft Outlook Converter

  1. Does this software allow to export multiple EML files to Outlook PST?
    Yes, Of course, EML to Outlook converter tool allows you to convert bulk .eml files into PST format without any hassle.
  2. Will this EML to Outlook exporter tool maintain the formatting of emails or folders as original?
    Yes, you can preserve the message formatting and properties and also it maintains the On-Disk folder Hierarchy and easily exports EML files to PST format.
  3. Is it possible to move some of the important folders of EML to Outlook PST using this Converter tool?
    Yes, you can export selective folders or items to PST data file using EML to Outlook Converter tool.
  4. Does this software impose any size limitation on the resultant PST file?
    No, there is no such restriction on the size of Outlook PST that the software generates. In fact, the size of the PST file depends upon the number of source .eml files converted. It is quite an easy way to export EML files to PST format.
  5. Is there any need to install Microsoft Outlook while converting EML files into Outlook PST?
    No, this EML to Outlook converter tool support to import .eml file to .pst without an installation of MS Outlook.
  6. Does this software allow to export EML files to PST format along with attachments?
    Yes, with this EML to Outlook migrator tool, users can transfer email messages into PST type with their attachments.

Conclusion: –

The complete review of SysTools EML to Outlook converter explained above. Each feature explained in detail. According to the working of this software and capability to export EML files to PST format. It is rated 9.6 out of 10. Also, this utility and safe to use, simply download and perform requires steps.

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