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Emoji Guide: Knowing How to Use Them

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Emoji Guide Knowing How to Use Them

One of the most crucial aspects of every individual’s life is the use of communication. From the day that people learned to speak, we started communicating with the people around us, especially our loved ones. It’s a process to deliver a message to others like what we think, feel, likes, dislikes, and even strengthen a relationship. With technologies in every corner of the world, you can now easily connect with other individuals.

Today, people are now resorting to technologies to link digitally with other people, and it is achievable with the assistance of smartphones and many mobile apps. In this era, people often insert different emojis to the message that they deliver. Emojis can also be a tool to connect with people, and it can help you add more feelings when you chat or message essential individuals. With various emojis that you can use today, mixed emotions can be added to your messages.

Using an emoji is a smart technique to send an honest message to your friends or loved ones, and it can also help you deliver your feelings without the need for words. Because emoji collection is growing each day, the article will point out some emojis and how you can use them. It would be helpful for many people if they know the deep meaning of emojis and how they can use them properly. With that, here’s an emoji guide and how to use them.

Crown Emoji 👑

The emoji makers released the crown emoji in the year 2010, and people would often mention it as a King emoji, but there are times that users call it a queen emoji. This emoji shows an image of gold plated crown with pieces of jewelry on the side, and it’s a representation of a King or any royal position.

It could possibly mean something that is related to being the best or at the top, and most importantly, royalty. In western areas, people use it in conjunction with specific words like “Your highness,” “My King,” or “My Queen.”

Kissing Face with Closed Eyes Emoji 😚

This emoji type is also part of the emojis that people typically and commonly use. The image of the emoji depicts a round face with both eyes closed and looking like sending a smooch. The emoji itself is cute, and you can use it when you are a person for a favor or information, or when you wish goodnight to your family, friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Smiling Face with Horns 😈

This emoji type appeared way back in 2010, and it is now more popular with the name devil emoji, but some users may refer to it as a purple emoji. There are also instances that people might mention it as a purple devil emoji. This emoji is a presentation of a smiling round face with two horns on the head, which means evil.

A person who uses the smiling face with horns emoji might express a diabolical personality, or that person approves a funny or evil idea. That devilish smile is often the way to express delight on something that you might consider inappropriate or wrong. The devil emoji is also an equivalent of an interjection like, “muahahaha.”


Emojis are cool and excellent tools that you can use to add to your messages. In different scenarios, it might help individuals make a secure bond with some people, especially your loved ones. You can also lightly flirt with your other half if you insert in your messages the right emojis. It can also be an advantage because you can directly deliver a meaningful message to people if you put there an emoji.

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