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In line with the new regulations coming into England in regards to electrical check, I feel it has become important to clear up the differences between the ( EICR ) Electrical installation condition  check and report and the electrical installation certificate.

What is an electrical installation certificate?

An electrical certificate is proof that a electrician has designed, installed and tested a new / adapted a circuit or full installation into a domestic, commercial or industrial property, The electrical installation certificate will have various pages that make up the information of the electrical installation and all readings and information of the circuits installed will be listed with all the information required provided on the electrical installation certificate. The electrical installation should be signed by the Designer, Installer and testing engineer, In some cases this will all be the same person. Especially for domestic properties, this will generally be the case.

In regards to the (EICR) Electrical installation condition report, this is only to show that the installation is in a satisfactory condition, This is very similar to the electrical installation certificate, It provides all the installation details and also should be signed. The difference is mainly that the ( EICR ) electrical installation condition report, does not have to be signed by the designer or the electrician who installed the electrical installation. It does though have to be signed by the testing and inspecting engineer. Also there will be an extra 2 – 3 pages on the ( EICR ) electrical installation condition report which will be mainly tick sheets and a remedials page. These pages are to show if there are any defaults within the electrical installation.

When to ask for a electrical installation certificate

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You should only request a electrical installation certificate on completion of a new electrical installation or electrical circuit. If the project requires more than moving a socket then you would also request an electrical installation certificate. If the work is just a small job, like changing a switch or moving a socket the you should request a minor works certificate. Other than that all new electrical installations must have a electrical installation certificate. If you are a landlord and want a check to prove that your system is in good condition, you will then have to request an ( EICR ) electrical installation condition report. This will be a electrical test on a existing installation to show that it was installed within the requirements set out by BS7671. BS7671 is the regulations set out by British standards and should be adhered to when installing any electrical installation. They BS7671 cover all domestic, commercial and industrial installations and must be adhered to when installing a electrical installation.

You must be aware that ( EICR ) Electrical installation condition reports will be required by law in England this year. Therefore, as a landlord you should ensure that you are covered and make sure you put in place  your electrical installation condition report. I this is not done, you may ( As a landlord ) face the risk of a large fine or one of the other penalties set out by the government. 


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