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How to Download Videos on iPhone from YouTube [Updated 2019]

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How to Download Videos on iPhone from Youtube

YouTube brags a million clicks each day, with various amazing videos on their site. You must be wondering how to download videos on iPhone from youtube legitimately or on your iPad so that you can watch these downloaded videos without an internet connection.

Sadly, YouTube has been intended to just enable clients to watch and view videos on its site or appl. There is no download alternative for crowds to store Youtube videos when it comes to iPhone/iPad except if you have the YouTube Red subscription that empowers you to save the preferred YouTube videos for watching it offline.

Apart from the above, the download of YouTube videos in order to watch them later or for using offline, have been a concerning endeavor always. However, the third-party apps that are dedicated don’t really last for a long time in the App Store. Also, the converters which are web-based aren’t really that functional on a smartphone, and rogue apps which are outside of the App Store are hard to sideload. Moreover, these may open up possible vulnerabilities; however, this doesn’t really suggest that you still won’t get any good options.

Luckily, when it comes to the iPhone and iPad, there are fewer YouTube videos downloader tools. Moreover, you are able to download as well as save your preferred YouTube videos to your iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, or iPad Air/Pro/mini with the help of these apps and then watch them without any time or/and place restraint.

So, in this article, we are going to outline every possible way, past as well as the present, which will help you save YouTube videos directly to the Photos app of your iPhone without jailbreaking it. A few of these tools will also help in the download of the videos directly to the album that you will choose, and there is another method which we particularly suggest above all else because this method doesn’t really rely on a third-party tool or service in order to get your video downloads done.

Save videos on iPhone from youtube

Method 1: Save Videos Directly from YouTube with a Shortcut

Well, this is the easiest, most reliable solution so far which will last the longest is to utilize the new Shortcuts application in iOS 12 and higher — or the Workflow application in iOS 11 and more established.

Utilizing this method, which gives you a chance to get done with your tasks on your iPhone automatedly, you can make a shortcut/workflow that will look for and utilize the MP4 file situated in the code from the site page of the YouTube video. Google simply embeds this data with the YouTube API, so it’s probably going to remain there for years to come, which means this technique should work for an exceptionally lengthy time-frame.

Take a look at our full guide in order to use the Download YouTube shortcut for help in order to set it up. The greatest advantage of this strategy is that you’re not depending on any obscure go-betweens since this pulls the video directly from the source. Besides, you can even customize what collection the video will store to in Photos beside the “Camera Roll” or “Videos” albums and “All Photos“.

Method 2: Saving Videos from Within Your YouTube App

Google hosts pushed to remove third-party applications that allowed the download of YouTube videos from your iOS App Store since they need customers watching on the platform they acquire, not from their locally accessible limit. The crackdown has ended up being progressively profitable as far back as Google started offering YouTube’s premium service which allows you to watch all the videos on your iPhone offline.

Subsequently, we propose just doing what needs to be done and remaining with the premium service of YouTube, which has both YouTube Red and YouTube Music. The principal issue here is that your videos don’t get saved in the Photos app but they get saved in the YouTube app.

Just in the case, you’ve never joined for YouTube Premium before; you can get a free trial of 30-days. Once the trail is over, it’ll cost $11.99/month for just you or $17.99/month for up to six people in your family. It’s not the least expensive service, yet it gets the activity done. Furthermore, if its all the same to you a little work each month, you can utilize an alternate Google account each month to continue getting free trials of 30-day.

YouTube Premium won’t store your videos, as referenced previously, to your Photos apps. To keep you put resources into YouTube, all the videos that are downloaded for the use of them offline will be contained inside the YouTube app so you’ll need to watch them from that point.

To give it a shot, open up YouTube, ensure you have signed into your YouTube account; at that point tap on your profile icon in order to raise the sidebar menu. From that point, press “Get YouTube Premium” On the following page, press “Try It Free” to begin the trial, at that point validates your “buy.”

Saving Videos from Within Your YouTube App

Saving Videos from Within Your YouTube App 2

Saving Videos from Within Your YouTube App

After the above, search for the video on YouTube that you have been thinking of watching offline, then move forward and press the new “Download” tab which is right underneath it. Now, from here you can choose the quality of your download, and now, press “OK,” then simply allow it a few seconds/minutes to finish. Now, you will watch the “Download” button going from “Downloading” to “Downloaded.

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save videos from youtube

save videos from youtube hd mode

videos from youtube

From that point, you can tap on “Downloaded” to hop ideal to the “Library” tab in YouTube or leave the video and press the “Library” tab itself. In that page, you’ll be able to see your downloaded videos beneath the section called Available offline.

Press on “Downloads” in order to see all of them. These videos will stay on your iPhone for whatever length of time that you’re a YouTube Premium part and interface YouTube to the web at any rate once every 30 days.

youtube playlist

play youtube videos offline

All of these downloads will get saved itself in the YouTube app, and you can look at much space YouTube is utilizing on your iPhone by bouncing into the Settings app. From that point, press on “General,” at that point “iPhone Storage.”

Moreover, when the application rundown loads, you’ll perceive how much space YouTube is really consuming. Pressing on it will demonstrate to you how much space the offline videos have taken up in the “Documents & Data” point.

iPhone Storage

offload app

Now, if you don’t require to get charged once the trial period ends after you have tried YouTube Premium out, you can simply go ahead and unsubscribe and then cancel the trial, which will help you in using YouTube Premium till the time the trial period ends. Moreover, you will not be automatically billed afterward.

In the event that you press on your profile icon on YouTube, you will be able to see another option which says “Paid memberships“. Press that, at that point look down on the following page and then go ahead and choose “Manage Apple Subscriptions.” This will hop you ideal to your YouTube membership choices in the iTunes application, subsequent to verifying yourself, where you can tap “Cancel Trial.”

apple subscription

apple subscription packages

confirm subscription

While this is presumably not the alternative you were seeking after when you opened up this article, it’s the steadiest choice since it’s a paid service directly from Google. Moreover, if you would prefer not to pay, evaluate the trial on different Google accounts, however forking over the money likewise gives you streaming music access, the original YouTube programming, no promotions, and background play.

Method 3: Saving Videos from Within YouTube++

People who don’t care for the possibility of Shortcuts or paying for the service of Google can sideload an informal application, for example, YouTube++ to your iPhone, which will give you a chance to download your preferred videos to your “Camera Roll” or/and “All Photos” in the Photos app album.

But, you can never completely trust applications like these since they sidestep App Store rules which help ensure you against malicious and spam dangers.

Method 4: Saving Videos from the Third-Party App

Due to the confinements put by Google, different applications in the iOS App Store, such as Video Downloader, Video Downloader Browser, Free Video Downloader, etc. never again work when endeavoring to save the videos from YouTube.

In the previous article adaptations, we’ve highlighted directions for utilizing diverse applications like these, found in the App Store, which showed up all over yet did not keep going long. While applications like these will show up sporadically temporarily in the App Store, they’re not a genuine answer for this issue.

And hence, if you are able to discover one that works, move forward and install it while it’s possible as there will be an extremely constrained window. Other than that, we also suggest simply moving forward with Method 1 above since it’s the most effortless.

save to memory

save to camera roll

Method 5: Saving Videos from the Web Tool

When it comes to your mobile browser, the online sites which converts the video won’t really work on iOS because you can’t simply just download any video to your Photos app, and hence, this process of going like this won’t really be worthy of the effort you might put in it. However, a few will allow you to download them to your cloud services, but then also you will need to leave your user credentials.

All in all, this might prove to be a risky business, to say the least. And hence, we don’t want to suggest any such services at this point here aware of the problems we have just discussed. However, please feel free to go through choices on your own. Also, we highly recommend you to just opt for Method 1 which is mentioned above because it’s free of any cost, it helps in pulling videos from the preferred source and it doesn’t require any middle-party, and also probably will last for a while.

Use Documents 5/6 for Downloading YouTube Videos on Your iPhone/iPad

Introducing to you this free of cost app named Documents 5, the Documents by Readdle that has been upgraded to Documents 6. It can help you in downloading videos from YouTube and then in saving the videos to your iPhone’s camera roll. You can have a look at how this YouTube video downloader operates.

Step 1: Run the Documents 5/6

At first, simply download Documents 5/6 in your App Store. Once you are finished with the installation process, run the YouTube downloader on your iPhone or/and iPad.

Step 2: Head to the VidPaw Online Video Downloader

Now, on Documents 5/6, press the bottom-right icon which looks just as the Safari icon (like a compass). And then, it will show you a web browser and here you can simply move forward by typing “https://www.vidpaw.com” and then you will be able to directly enter the website.

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Head to the VidPaw Online Video Downloader

Step 3: Get URL for Youtube Videos 

You have to get the URL – the location of the YouTube video that you need to download. There are two different ways to get the URL:

  • Run the YouTube application on your iPhone/iPad. Discover the video you need and hold up until any advert has completed the process of playing and the video begins. Press on the video to demonstrate the controls and after that press the “share” icon (an arrow that points right). You would then be able to tap “Copy Link”.
  • Launch Safari and head to Youtube.com. Discover the video that you need, press and copy the URL address displayed on the top.

Get URL for Youtube Videos 

Step 4: Download YouTube Videos

At this point, come back to the Documents 6/5 app. Press in the white box in order to choose it and then simply paste the URL that you had copied in the case. You’ll see the video of various formats (MP4, WEBM, 3GP) and different resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1280p, and so forth.

Pick the quality along with the format that you need. Press the green “Download” which is next to your favored quality. Moreover, if you need, you can rename the video and select an organizer to save the video. Now press “Done” and the video will get downloaded to your iPhone or/and iPad.

Download YouTube Videos to Storage

Tip: It’s ideal to just download videos by means of Wi-Fi as these videos have the chances to rapidly go through your month to month 3G or 4G data allowance.

Step 5: Saving Downloaded Video to your Camera Roll

Once you are done, you will be able to watch the video in the Downloads folder (or any other folder which you can select) of the Documents 6/5.

Now, you will be able to save this video to your iPhone or iPad’s Camera Roll (which is unfortunately not a native Videos app). And hence, in order to do the same, move to the video, then press Edit > Move and choose Camera Roll as the preferred location. Now, you will be able to head to the Photos app and then see the video.

Tip: If you aren’t able to transfer the YouTube video which you have downloaded to your Camera Roll, this is because you may have your Documents’ access to Photos app disabled in Settings. So, in order to enable Documents 6 just to access Photos on iPhone, simply head to Settings > Documents > Photos and then let it Read and Write access.

Moreover, you will get to have these YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad with the help of these YouTube video downloaders, and see them anywhere at any time.

YouTube video downloaders

So, we hope that you’ll be able to find it useful. Also, in the case, if you are having another brilliant app for downloading YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad, feel free to leave your feedback or directly share with us.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Right Away?

Customers have talked of issues regarding apps for downloading YouTube videos that stop operating on their iPhone or iPad quite often which include Document 5/6 that has been introduced above.

And hence, if you are not able to download videos using YouTube downloaders for iOS, here we have a workaround: Download your preferred YouTube videos directly on your PC/MAC and afterward transfer them to your iPhone 7/7 Plus, Phone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro and other. Or you will also be able to record the YouTube video and keep it saved as a new one.

In order to save videos and music from YouTube on your PC/Mac, FonePaw Screen Recorder can definitely help you. And it can save the recording videos and audios in MP3, MP4, MOV or other formats you need.

Step 1: At first, Download and then install the FonePaw tool on your PC/Mac.

Step 2: Now, Launch the program and then select Video Recorder.

select Video Recorder

download FonePaw for windowsdownload Fonepaw for mac

Step 3: Make a selection of the region for the YouTube player and then move forward to adjust its volume. After that, play the video and start to record it with the REC button.

YouTube player

Note: If you are still not making sure the region for YouTube player, we highly recommend you to use Lock Window option and choose YouTube screen in order to record it. Now, this will help in capturing the area of YouTube window.

use Lock Window option

Step 4: Now, please prevent any further recording just when the YouTube video ends and then preview it. Moreover, you will be able to save it to your PC or share it to Google Plus, Facebook, and more.

save it to your PC

Once you are done with the downloading or recording, you will be able to copy the video recording to the iPhone. iTunes or iOS Transfer will then help you further to transfer your preferred video to your iOS device.

Is Downloading a YouTube Video Legal?

Currently, it is an open mystery to download YouTube videos through various devices. In any case, that doesn’t make it ideal to get videos from YouTube to our own gadgets. At first, there is copyright. The creators buckle down to make those magnificent videos. And secondly, it is not aligned with YouTube’s terms and conditions, which states that “the data is intended for real-time viewing and not intended to be downloaded (either permanently or temporarily), copied, stored, or redistributed by the user”.

Legally, it is alright to download videos from YouTube for your personal use. Most importantly you ought not to endeavor to profit monetarily from the downloaded YouTube videos without consent from the creators. You can also know about GB WhatsApp and download it to get some extra features.


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