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Having Computer Issues? Here Are 10 of the Most Common Computer Problems

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Having Computer Issues? Here Are 10 of the Most Common Computer Problems

Computers were designed to make life easier, but more often than not, you’re dealing with computer issues rather than enjoying the peace technology should bring. Even though you can take your computer to the local IT genius, knowing to troubleshoot your everyday computer issues allows you to be prepared.

When your computer freezes or you experience issues, it’s easy to get frustrated. Believe it or not, the majority of the most common computer issues can easily be fixed by none other than you!

1. Overheating

With the increase in power and mobility laptops have seen in recent years also comes a higher demand for hard-working processors and graphics cards. Because of this, many laptops experience high heat which users can feel, and maybe even hear while they work.

Lucky for you, here’s how to fix it. There are multiple ways you can protect your laptop from overheating, even when it’s working hard. Invest in a laptop cooler that can remove hot air from your computer. Also make sure to do your work on a hard, flat surface so the airflow to and from your laptop isn’t obstructed.

2. Nothing Will Download

We’ve all been there. Tapping our toes waiting for that one crucial file to load. One of the most frustrating parts of owning a computer is when it seems anything you’re trying to download it taking seconds off your life. Fear not. During the chaos, there are a few ways you can check to see why you might be experiencing slower than usual wait times.

First, check your connectivity. More likely than not, your internet is the culprit, not your computer. Your next option is to confirm that you didn’t accidentally download or upload a file. They can hide in the background, unbeknownst to a user, leading to a slow computer. Finally, check to see if there are updates your computer needs to be functioning properly.

3. Frozen Screen

A frozen screen can happen for a variety of any reasons. If it’s a severe failure, it’s usually hardware related. If it isn’t directly related to your hard drive, it might be related to bad software. Either way, it’s something that should be taken seriously.

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The best way to remedy this problem is to force-quit the application that’s giving you the issue. If your entire computer locks up and you’re unable to utilize the force-quit option, you’ll need to reboot your entire computer. Once it’s back up and running, you can resume normal activity.

4. Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive failure is one of the most serious problems you can face as a computer owner. While it’s easy to replace your hard drive, it’s not so easy to replace the important information you have stored on it. You should always keep a backup of files you don’t want to lose, just in case.

No matter if your computer is new or old, a hard drive can fail at any time. Many times the failure rate will depend on the types of drive, storage size, and brand of drive.

5. Blue Screen of Death

While it’s more common to see on a PC, the “blue screen of death” is very well known and feared by laptop users. After a few seconds of unresponsiveness, your computers screen will eventually go blue, followed by an error message and then your computer will restart.

There are a variety of reasons you could experience a blue screen and there are also a variety of ways to fix it. When the blue screen appears, you’ll see a code. Take note of the code. You can type the code into Google and you’ll be able to find a resolution for the issue.

6. Malware

Malware is a specific type of software designed to damage or disable computer systems as well as your software. While many people think this has to be actively downloaded to take effect, it can destroy your computer more quickly than you think.

To prevent this from happening, be careful about the files and items you download from websites as it could destroy your computer as soon as it’s opened.

7. Slow Computer

Just like the feeling you experience waiting for your downloads, a slow computer causes anxiety and frustration anytime you try to be productive. Before you diagnose your computer as the problem, ensure your internet connection is secure and running.

One of the first things to look at is the amount of storage you have on your hard drive. If you’re running low on space, the performance of your computer and applications will suffer. To clear up some storage, take the time to go through your files and photos, deleting ones that you don’t need and uploading others to a cloud service.

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8. Applications Won’t Install

While this isn’t the worst problem to have, it’s nonetheless frustrating. When you encounter an application that won’t install on your computer, the most likely reason is that the software on your laptop isn’t compatible with the application itself.

If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements for an application, it won’t be installed. This includes anything from a simple program to a very intense computer game. Other reasons include not enough computer storage, hardware failures, and missing files that are preventing you from installing these applications.

9. Computer Restarts

It always happens at the most inconvenient moment, your computer decides to restart and you have to hold your breath in hopes all your hard work is saved. A sudden reboot could mean your software is out of date and your computer is paying the price.

Sometimes your computer just needs a thorough cleaning and it could also mean your computer is overheating. If you keep experiencing this problem, you should have a professional look at your computer.

10. Strange Computer Noises

If you really listen, your computer might have something to say. You might hear an overactive fan or some of the usual noises coming from an electronic, but it’s the sounds of pots and pans that should make you worry.

Often times failing hardware or a system malfunction will start with clicking or grinding sounds that warn you that a serious problem is right around the corner. This might be the work for a professional, so don’t hesitate to take this to your nearest IT technician for a second opinion.

How to Solve Common Computer Issues

Even though we’re all aware of these common computer issues and the likelihood fo them occurring, we have to know what to do when you encounter one of them. Many of these problems have simple solutions that will save you a lot of time and money.

Educate yourself on how to protect your computer from these common issues before it’s too late!

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