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How to Cheaply Clean Car with Wet Dry Vac?

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Who wouldn’t love a super-clean car? Everyone hates to drive a dirty car. Nothing feels better than a vehicle that is clean and fresh, both interior and exterior. Even if you are planning to sell your vehicle for top dollar, the cleanliness of the car has a real influence on the price.

About Car Cleaning with Wet Dry Vac

Typically, the look of your car interior depends significantly on your cleaning tool. Picking up dirt and spills with the wet-dry vac is the best way to achieve a cleaner vehicle. For its ability to suck dust from hard to reach places, it is a useful tool that can almost get your car back to their new look.

Before Cleaning

Getting the car ready will allow for a better and cheaper cleaning job. Let’s make a list of things you need to do before cleaning so you can tick off before you proceed.

  • One of the first things to do is to remove the extra items in the car like books or clothes to keep them from getting damp during the cleaning exercise.
  • If there are stains in the car carpeting do a minor initial cleaning with towels or large sponges.
  • Also, you can prepare a solution of stain remover and water to clean up noticeable spots on the interior of the car. As indicated on the packaging, clean the place up and give it the appropriate time to be effective.
  • Instead of the regular washing with sponges and towels, you should try a more direct approach by purchasing one of the best wet dry vac under $100 and getting the job done easier and cheaper. Not only will the wet-dry pick up the wet solution, but they also have the advantage of not dispersing them all over your car carpet.
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How to clean?

For you to achieve your correct aim when cleaning your car with a wet-dry vac, you want to clean them in sections and according to the following steps.

Step 1

The wet-dry vac is designed to handle tough cleaning tasks. This is why the first thing you need is to get the right wet-dry vac for cars. They come with the right accessories and attachment for vehicles. Before handling these cleaning tasks, you need a more durable and powerful model.

Also, the interior of a car can be a little crampy in size, so you need to get the seating area right. You need position with a perfect size if you want to clean everywhere at a time. You can also do it this way – move to the drivers seating area while you clean the driver’s side and the carpet on the rear passenger’s seat, and return to do your first seating spot.

Step 2

Before any intense washing, vacuum the area. You need first to suck up all the loose dirt before you proceed. Vacuum the dry carpet to remove all forms of solid debris, dust, and soil from the interior.

Feel free to clean up just about any spot you can reach. Focus on the areas where dust can get trapped. If you notice the wet-dry vac is too big for some areas, you can grab a paintbrush, a makeup brush, or soft toothbrush and clean out those. If you can reach for an air duster – that’s an advantage.

Step 3

Spot spray the stains using the stain-remover or a soapy solution to cover the entire stain area evenly. Follow the instructions on the packaging and scrub the whole section focusing more effort on the places the stains are with a deck brush or a stiff-bristled push broom.

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Scrub from all angles, in circles, also in a straight line in other to get all the dirt out. After the wash, the next thing is to rinse. Dunk the scrub brush in clean water and wet the car carpets. You might have to do about thrice or possibly more times until it is no longer soapy.

Step 4

Now it’s time for the real cleaning agent the wet-dry vacuum. The filter you use will depend on the brand and model. Refer to your owner’s manual for the exact one.

With the wet-dry vac, suction up as much soap as you can get out, one section at a time. Using the right attachment, firmly press down to remove moisture from the deepest areas and drag slowly backward until you reach everywhere.

Recommendations After Cleaning

Regularly going to the carwash is expensive and not 100 percent effective. Once in a while, dealing with the debris in your car with a wet-dry vac is highly recommended.

After the cleaning, open up the doors for ventilation and give it time to dry. If you spot any other stain after the vacuuming or in case you need to repeat any process, go ahead! But keep the chemical-cleaners away from the touch screens or electronic parts, instead use a damp rag.


The amount of dirt and grits that are trapped in your car interior can be surprising. To remove them and achieve your aim of cleaner car carpets, seats, crevice, even the headliner, all you need the best wet dry vac.

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