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How Can Solar Panels Save You Money in Albuquerque?

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Reports by the Albuquerque Journal indicate that solar panel installation in the city is experiencing a 20 percent growth annually. The massive increase is a result of this system’s way of fixing long-term energy costs at a fixed price.

Keep in mind that a 6-kilowatt solar panel installation Albuquerque NM costs an average of around USD 13,649 after the federal solar tax credit incentive. This is significantly lower than residential solar power systems throughout the United States, which is currently pegged at USD 3.35 per watt.

Primary reasons that contribute to the lower costs of solar panel installation in Albuquerque nm is the abundance of geothermal energy, wind, and sunshine in the state. Bear in mind that the state of New Mexico ranks eighth in the nation in terms of installed solar capacity per capita.

The rise in solar panel installation in Albuquerque has also included New Mexico among the affordable places to live in with an average electric bill of USD 75. This number ranks 51st in the country and is 29.91 percent less than the national average monthly bill of USD 107.

Other than low electricity bills, solar panels also require less maintenance than local utilities. In most cases, homeowners will only need to clean their systems roughly twice a year to prevent wear and tear and ensure that it performs on the highest level.

Best of all, solar panels in Albuquerque do not need greenhouse gas emissions to release electricity, which asserts that you are using clean energy. The use of clean energy also protects the environment from warming up and minimizes air pollution.

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Using renewable energy from solar panels also saves the natural resources of the state and provides the diversification of fuels. Doing so will minimize the danger of fuel spills and improve the level of energy security.

What Size of Wire Do I Need for My Solar Panels?

Picking the appropriate size of wire for your solar panel system is essential for both safety and performance reasons. Remember that undersized cables will result in a considerable voltage drop and excess loss of power.

For best results, hire a certified professional like NM Solar Group to perform full-service solar panel design and installation. Not only will it assure that electrical wires function appropriately, but it will also prevent the heating up of cables.

Certified experts will evaluate the structure of the house to perform the wiring and metering efficiently. Installers use longer hoses to ensure more resistance and fewer watts going to the grid or the battery bank.

How Do I Know What Solar Inverter I Need?

Solar inverters are responsible for the conversion of direct current electricity from the sun to alternating current voltage to power your home. Usually, the size of the inverter is rated in watts and determined based on site-specific conditions, your location, and solar array size.

Look for solar inverters that are sufficient enough to handle the power the panels produce. Generally, the size of your inverter should be identical to the solar panel system’s DC rating to ensure smooth performance.


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