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The Best Mobile Dental Apps That’ll Make You Smile

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The Best Mobile Dental Apps That'll Make You Smile

In the last decade, we have seen the internet become so easily accessible people have it at their fingertips. Nowadays there seems to be an app for everything, from counting calories to tracking miles, to singing, to learning how to brush your teeth better.

In fact, in the first quarter of 2018, there were over 6,000 apps released daily.

Have you been looking to answers related to your oral health? Keep reading to learn the best dental apps around.

The Best Mobile Dental Apps

In the dental world, there are apps that dentist practices have adapted to make their office more streamlined and, there are apps to encourage kids to brush their teeth.

The saying “there’s probably an app for that” applies in the dental world as well. Companies and people are realizing the power and value of apps. Every day there is a new person working on a new app development idea.


This app is to encourage children to brush their teeth longer. They play an app while they brush for two minutes. After a month of brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes, they have the chance to face off a villain in the game within the app.

The app is available on both iPhone and Android. It’s perfect if your child isn’t brushing long enough.

Dental Expert

This free app is great to learn the truth between myth vs facts when it comes to your teeth and dental fun facts. If you have a dental emergency, it also has advice on what to do whether you’re home or traveling.

The app was created by a cosmetic and general dentist which means the information is coming from a reliable source in the industry.

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Dental Trauma First Aid

This app is endorsed by the International Association of Dental Traumatology (IADT). It has a wealth of information on what to do in case you suffer from dental trauma.

What if you’re involved in an accident and lose several teeth? What if you have a loose tooth after an accident?

This app will help anyone learn the best first aid to give someone that suffers from Dental Trauma if they can’t get to the dentist right away.

Colgate Connect

This is a unique app that works in conjunction with the Colgate Connect E1 toothbrush. It was made to make sure that people are brushing their teeth correctly.

The app will create a map of your teeth and will give tips to improve your brushing technique. It’s able to tell if you miss an area and it will let you know.

Happy Smiling

As you can see from the list above there are dental apps for just about everything nowadays. Please keep in mind this list is not all-inclusive, there are new apps coming out every day for everything you can imagine.

If you’re interested in other technology news and updates, make sure to check out our technology section and learn more!

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