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Best CPU Coolers of 2020

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Best CPU Coolers of 2020

Almost everyone in the world in this generation uses computers, whether it’s for luxury and entertainment, for school, or work. Computers have come in handy and have made our lives easier. In just one click of your mouse, everything is almost possible to do. 

However, computers need to be maintained and taken care of. If one cannot take good care of their computer, it might not last long. One problem with computers is they sometimes overheat, especially their CPUs. Thus, it is essential to have a CPU cooler that maintains the computer’s temperature and avoids overheating. 

There are thousands of CPU coolers in the market today. The challenge here is, which one is the best brand to get. Here are some of the best CPU coolers in the market today if you’re looking for one for your computer. 

ARCTIC Freezer CPU Cooler Xtreme

If you’re on a tight budget, but you need to have a CPU cooler, get this CPU cooler from the brand ARCTIC for under $50. This CPU cooler is the best air cpu cooler that you can get that won’t even hurt your pockets. It features a significant CPU cooler design that has twin-tower heatsinks and runs with a 120mm fan. 

The fan is placed in between the tower heatsinks and also features a liquid dynamic bearing. The RPM of this CPU cooler can run from 800 to 1500 RPM. With that, you might think that this cooler runs with nuisance, but you’re mistaken. This CPU cooler can cool your computers in a very quiet way and lets you use your computer smoothly without disturbance.

The ARCTIC Freezer CPU cooler is made of 4 double-sided copper heat pipes that allow direct contact with your computer’s CPU for more convenient and efficient heat distribution. You don’t need to purchase and add thermal paste on this cooler because it has already been applied in the MX-2 thermal compound. This cooler measures about 140mm in height and 132mm in width. 

Cooler MasterAir MA410M

This CPU cooler from MasterAir is undoubtedly a must-have because it is one of the best performing CPU coolers today. Cooler MasterAir has a very sturdy and unique design that features a rough exterior shell and impressive RGB lighting on its interior cooling tower. 

With that being said, this CPU cooler might be a little expensive compared to other CPU coolers in the market because of its sturdy features. However, if your primary concern is the quality of the CPU cooler and not its price, this is the best one you can get. This will make a good investment for your computer. 

Liqtech Enermax 360 OC 

If you have a massive processor for your computer, this is the best CPU cooler to get. Liqtech Enermax is always compared to other custom-built liquid coolers because of its high performance, easy installation, and average cost. 

It is also less expensive because it does not have RGB lighting and software installation. Although some might prefer having an RGB lighting feature, if you’re one that does not care about having RGB lighting, then this is the ideal CPU cooler to get. 

Cooler Master Liquid RGB ML360R

If you’re looking for a premium CPU cooler, this is the best one to get. ML360R features a new and more chill head honcho for your CPU. It also provides users a more radiated surface area, which makes you get more cool air from the cooler to your CPU. ML360R is also the current leading CPU cooler because of its 360 AIO thermal performance and version. 


CPU coolers are essential to install in your CPU computers to avoid overheating and further problems on your computer hardware. Users need to know what type of CPU cooler are they aiming to get for them to land on the right model for their CPUs.

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