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Beginner Tips for Buying A Quadcopter

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Before you go for buying your first drone, take a look at these things that you need to know about the quadcopters. There is many affordable but still quality drone that you can buy. The things you need to know are the battery life, flight time, range and camera. Expensive drones have many high-quality drones and advanced features but the things we discuss in this article are common in every drone. All the drones have a remote controller to control your drone and change its directions. Many models also have a smartphone app that has virtual sticks for controlling your quadcopter. Moreover, you can visit outstandingdrone.com for more information about the drones.


Many advanced drone companies have a simulator that provides the user with a virtual experience of flying the drone. Many modern drones have their own dedicated apps for learning to fly. If you want to practice it on your windows pc or laptop, you can use UAV pilot app. This app allows you to control the drone virtually on your computer. In this way, you can learn to fly without the risk of crashing or damaging your real drone.

Taking Videos

The common purpose of buying a drone is to take photos and videos. You have already seen the drones in a festival or in a marriage. Moreover, the news channel also uses the drone to take video of huge crowds as they cannot be able to shoot it from the ground. Moreover, with a better quality camera and high range drone, you can easily fly over a hill or a cliff and can capture stunning pictures. Anyhow, the cost of these drones is high compared to the beginner ones. But if you are buying your drone for taking photos and videos then you must consider a drone with better resolution and frame-rate. There are drones that can shoot 4K videos at 30fps but they are very expensive and recommended for advanced level pilots.

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Battery Life

Another thing you need to keep in your mind is the battery life of your drone. It is very important because it affects the flight time of the drone. If your drone has cheap battery then the flight time will be very low. Two types of batteries come in the quadcopters, removable and non-removable. Also, remember that the battery takes 3 times more time than the flight time for full charge. A drone with a removable battery has an advantage, that you can easily change the battery when it gets low. Moreover, if you use a heavy battery to increase the flight time. it also increases the weight of the drone which in turn reduces the speed because the drone motors need to apply more force to lift it.

Average flight time for beginner drones is 5 to 10 minutes without the camera. But in advanced and modern drones, the flight time is 20 to 30 minutes. If you want more flight time then you need to have an extra battery. Moreover, the expensive drones land automatically to the home position when the battery level reaches 10%.

Range and Speed of the Quadcopter

The speed of the drones can be range from 35 MPH to 70 MPH depends on the model. The cheap drone usually has low speed and range. The racing drones can have more speed and range compare to video drones. Drone flying is just like riding a bike. When you start learning riding bike, you use training wheels so is the case with a quadcopter. They use speed limiter that gives you more time to react while flying. Moreover, it helps in saving your drone from any accidental crash. When you have improved your flying skills, you can turn this setting off and can fly it at high speed.

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Another thing needs to keep in mind is the range of the drone. The range of the drone is usually less in cheap drones, so if you want to fly your drone higher then you need a long-range quadcopter. If your budget is tight then you can expect up to 100 feet range. You can also extend the range by using longer antennas and transmitters in your drone. Moreover, the drones use GPS sensor to locate it in case you lost sight.

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