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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Transcribe Audio to Text

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How Artificial Intelligence Helps Transcribe Audio to Text

How AI simplifies work?

Artificial intelligence is significantly transforming the world in diverse fronts and revolutionizing the way we work as well as enjoy our daily activities. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that lets computers learn and solve problems on their own with minimum or no human interference.

Its rapid development in the last few decades has seen it gain wide usage in various sectors. Transcribing audio to text has for long been a tedious and tasking manual job, taking a lot of time and cost in labor. However, audio to text converter online Audext.com is an audio to text converter online which solves these challenges through the adoption of state of the art AI algorithms for easy audio to text transcription.

Areas Audext simplifies work  It is useful in interview transcription for journalist, press conference and podcasts. Students can also easily transcribe lecture sessions into notes. This allows them to concentrate keenly on the lessons as they do not have to take notes. Besides, it can be successfully used in transcribing voice memos and voice recordings from mobile phones.

Psychologist and other medical practitioners can also successfully use the technology in interviewing their patients by easily recording them. This allows them to gain time and concentrate more on their main work and avoid interruptions that are as a result of taking down notes.

How AI transcription software help journalists?

Transcription helps journalists in the following ways:

a)Transcribing interview materials quickly and easily

Audext helps transcribe audio to text reliably and quickly due to its advanced AI technologies which make it 200 times faster than manual transcription. You will consequently convert audio to text online in a few minutes.

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Audext also enables journalists to concentrates more on asking questions that matter as you do not have to worry about writing down the answers. You can also choose speeds for the playback to edit the track at your preferred speeds. Besides, the text editor facilitates the use of the keyboard to pause, play or rewind the audio.

Audext also easily identifies the speaker enabling for easier transcription of interview materials as most of the work is already done for you. Besides, it can effectively structure the transcription text as per the speech of the speakers.

  1. b) Sociological interviews, interview for qualitative research

Interviewing is a critical approach to qualitative research, where the researcher asks respondents open-ended question orally and records the answers mostly through digital audio recording devices. Audext audio to text converter is also valuable while conducting sociological interviews as it facilitates the transcribing interview data into usable information.

The advanced speaker identification technology and high editing speed ensure that the transcription significantly reduces the time take in transcription. This allows more time for researchers to concentrate on analyzing the data collected. The automatic transcription eliminates possible bias and therefore provides more accurate data as compared to manual transcription which is highly susceptible to bias leading to wrong conclusions.

 Recording Effective Meeting Minutes

Audext is also highly effective for transcribing and recording meeting  minutes in a fast and reliable way since it can easily identify the different speakers and consequently structure the speeches accordingly. It, therefore, eliminates the need for the tasking manual transcription which is tedious and costly.

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Manual transcription may also significantly hinder privacy and confidentiality as you may be forced to delegate the tasking transcribing job to third parties who may leak vital information to competitors or other persons

Record a Conference Call Easily and Efficiently

Audext is also useful for recording conferences calls easily and efficiently. For one, voice recording on mobile phones just needs to be transferred to a computer for transcription. Further, it supports a wide range of audio types including WAV, WMV, and MP3 audio to text converter.

Consequently, you can easily select any format for the recording of the conference call and easily convert them into text which can be used for reference purposes. This ensures you do not miss out on important details after the call as well as enhances the concentration during these calls as you are not engaged in any other activities.

Content marketers to find tweetable quotes and repurpose webinars

Audext also easily helps content marketers to easily select interesting, insightful and humorous quotes or stats for use in the social media such as twitter. This allows repurposing of webinars and getting a wider reach. The fast transcription of audio to text facilitates easy selection of quotes to be highlighted particularly during interviews and webinars.

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