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How to Archive Terminated Employee Data in Office 365

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Archive Terminated Employee Data in Office 365

An employee is leaving an organization is the most regular thing faced by any company. There is no big deal in that, as it is the part of life and happens all the time. But what about their data like emails, which can be important for the organization. Or what about their Office 365 account?

My favourite part about Office 365 is its flexibility i.e., easy to move between the licenses or we can add or delete licenses as per our requirement. However, as you delete someone license, you lose all data stored in that mailbox. It can be anything like emails, documents, OneDrive for business as soon as 30 days completed. Therefore, whenever an employee leaves or terminated, his or her license is not deleted immediately.

It might be possible that you need to access the files or any other data due to any reason. Thus, it is important to archive Office 365 data of terminated employee. Because, if you do not have the required data, you can be in a big trouble. Hence, for the same, there are some options available that can be used.

Moreover, what all are the preventive measures that an organization use and how Office 365 archive terminated employee are some common questions answered in this blog.

How to Archive Office 365 Terminated Employee Without Any Loss of Data?

There can be many possible ways that one can try to archive 365 terminated employee Office 365. It can be either through a third-party tool or manual approaches offered by Office 365. The choice is all yours for which you want to go. Here in this blog, both are discussed in a proper way.

  • A Quick and Easy Approach to Archive Office 365 Former Employee

If you want to use a direct and simplest approach to download terminated employee Office 365, then the professional solution will be the best choice.

Now, the next question that will strike in your mind:

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Which Software is Best to Archive Office 365 Terminated Employee?”

Let us solve your confusion! It is recommended to use SysTools Office 365 Backup tool, one of the finest application famous among the users.

Archive Office 365 Terminated Employee Mailbox using Native Solution

This SysTools Office 365 email Backup tool is designed in a manner that you can easily download Office 365 account data items. It let users archive all emails, contacts, documents, etc., in PST or EML file format on the local machine. Apart from all this, the software is also capable to archive OneDrive documents also, including PDF, TXT, JPG, etc. In addition to this, the software also provides an option to download selective data from Office 365 account. Now, this account can either be normal employee’s account to terminated employee’s Office 365. For the software, all Office 365 accounts are same. After this, a user can easily access the terminated employee data in any Outlook version or restore it back in Office 365.

  • Manual Methods to Archive Terminated Employee from Office 365

If a user wants to archive terminated employee email, then it can be achieved through Enterprise level Office 365 Plan. This option permit users to simply store email archive in the cloud only and access it whenever required by freeing up the O365 license for other users

This option allows users to simply store the archived email in the cloud and access it any time while freeing up your Office 365 license for another user. Now, to know how it can be done, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. To start the process, a user needs to assign either Exchange Online (Plan 2) license or an Exchange Online Archiving subscription. With the help of this, an In-Place Hold will be there on the mailbox

Note: A user required only one of these licenses and for temporary use only. As the mailbox is marked as Inactive, a user can easily free up the license. After that, it can easily be used to do the next task.

  1. Now, you have to log in to the O365 Admin Center and directly navigate to EAC
  2. Then, from the left pane, you have to click on the Compliance Management and then on In-Place eDiscovery and Hold from the top
  3. Next, you have to make a new In-Place Hold Policy and name it as a Terminated Employees
  4. After that, you have to add this terminated user to the policy
  5. Here, make sure that All Mailbox Content is retained
  6. Check the Enable Hold checkbox
  7. Now, it is clearly visible that users are on hold in the Recipients section
  8. At last, you can easily delete the User Account from the O365 Administrator center. The mailbox is now viewed as “Inactive” and a user can easily re-assign the license
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Other Possible Ways to Handle Office 365 Terminated Employee

Whenever an employee is terminated from an organization, then there are some things need to be performed. All of them are discussed below:

  • To keep your organization’s data safe, change the password of the user’s account.
  • After that, you have to remotely wipe the user from the mobile devices.
  • Grant access to yourself of the Users Mailbox and Archive.
  • You can export the user mailbox to a shared mailbox
  • You can allow this employee’s email address to some other person also via delegated access
  • Last but not least, remove the O365 license.

Whenever an employee leaves an organization, the data under that employee needs to be taken care properly. It is important to handle them with care and avoid any type of misuse. Therefore, go through this blog and get to know how to archive terminated employee Office 365 in the professional and manual way.

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