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App Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Killer New App

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App Marketing 101: How to Promote Your Killer New App

Congratulations! After you’ve spent countless hours planning, problem-solving, and possibly even pulling your hair out in frustration, you’ve finally created the next big thing to rival Instagram.

Or perhaps you just created something that surpasses music lovers’ expectations. Or maybe you developed a product that will save users’ money.

Regardless of what you labored in producing, you finally were able to build the app of your dreams. And now, arguably the hardest part begins, promoting your app.

App marketing is extremely important if you want your app to be lucrative and one day be used by millions of people. Keep reading as we show you some helpful tips on how to successfully promote your new app.

Create a Video Introduction

If you’ve created an app, more than likely a large part of your target audience will be millennials, and millennials love videos. Not only does this generation demographic love watching funny videos on platforms like YouTube to entertain themselves, but they love going to YouTube and various platforms to learn new information.

Creating a fun introductory video for your app will draw millennials in, and show them what your product is, how it works, and how it may be beneficial to them.

Contact Tech Blogs and Reviewers

There’s nothing quite like having a trusted voice in the tech community validate your product. That type of positive backing will elevate both your brand and app.

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So it’s important you locate the contact information of credible tech bloggers and reviewers, and reach out to them and ask if they wouldn’t mind reviewing your app.

Offer a Freebie

People always like the word free, and the major companies know this. Offering something free is a great way of drawing customers in. Why else do you think Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and a host of other companies offer free trial subscriptions?

Now if your app isn’t necessarily a subscription service, you can try offering limited free access to premium content. Or you host a raffle giveaway of a prize for those that download and use your app.

Use Social Media

Again, you’ll want to target millennials, and we all know millennials love social media. Start building a social media presence around your app and brand.

By the way, think about hiring an outside social media guru for assistance, or paying for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Verify the User Experience

This point may not seem like a marketing point, but trust us when we say that it is. The last thing you’ll want is your app to pick up steam, only to be derailed by users who run into hiccups and glitches with your product.

For example, if your app requires an aspect of identity verification, but you know that process has been spotty at times, you’ll want to fix that ASAP. If you need assistance with that, we recommend the experts at Digital KYC.

App Marketing Is Worth It

While we don’t discredit the long hours you put into creating your app, we don’t want you to do yourself a disservice in not realizing the importance of marketing. No app marketing will pretty much equate to no overwhelming success.

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If you have questions or perhaps want to share your app building and marketing testimonial, write for us. Our readers would love to hear about your experience.

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