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Different Types of Aero Precision Rails

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Aero Precision Rails

Precision rails vary in size, weight, and design. While this provides a wide variety of choices for mounting, it’s challenging to choose the most excellent precision rails to improve the efficiency and feel of your piece. To some, the selection is based on individual inclination. It also includes how they feel regarding a range of aspects such as price, setup complexity, length, and weight.

This article presents the most popular aero precision rails in the market and their strengths. Ensure to evaluate each one thoroughly to choose the suitable rail system for your needs.

Warsaw Pact Rail Systems

The Warsaw Pact Rail model is a Soviet version of the dovetail rail. Unlike the standard dovetail rail system, these Russian-made aero precision rails connect telescopic sights to the left of the rifle receiver. These are most often spotted in modern firearms used for a game, target shooting, and on light recoiling air guns. Mainstream rifles that incorporate side-mounted scope rails include PSL rifles, Dragunov sniper rifles, and AK assault weapons manufactured starting in 1954.

Dovetail Rail Systems

With exceptional rigidity and adequate load capacity, the dovetail rails deliver extra accuracy when firing. Their sliding panels also have a full-contact surface that makes them ideal for damping and absorbing impacts and vibrations. This feature also significantly reduces the threat of damage to roller bearings.

Dovetail slides can also endure extensive pressures from any direction. By that same principle, dovetails are auto-aligning, auto-locking, and auto-squaring, which allow them to offer an optimal output in different areas.

They’re also available in two unique models, including the slimmer low-profile variant and the chunkier high-profile editions that provide enhanced rigidity toward shifts.

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Picatinny Rail Systems

Picatinny rails, one of the sturdiest aero precision rails, are a military-standard rail installation mechanism that comprises of fastening equipment such as tactical lamps, laser target modules, night vision systems, and iron sights, among several others.

They’re commonly used to fasten scopes on top of the high-caliber rifle receivers. They also feature a hexagonal-cross structure with crosswise slots, making it simpler to move the equipment in the position from the beginning to the tip of the rail.

Unlike the weaver rail system, Picatinny arrives with a much more distinct angled design that makes it convenient to be used on the top and bottom surfaces of all rifle types.

Weaver Rail Systems

A weaver precision rail, unlike dovetail rails, uses a pair of parallel tracks to link telescopic sights to guns, crossbows, pistols, and rifles.

Old model weaver rails have two components installed apart from each other. Although they’re inexpensive, this configuration often damages the scope, the barrel, and the rifle parallels.

For optimal performance, switch to state-of-the-art weaver rail structures equipped with a one-mounted piece. This one-piece design guarantees that the rail structure remains aligned and does not trigger blockages because of the receiver length or metal thickness.

Throughout the industry of precision shooting, the quest for accuracy means paying a high price. Make sure you review all kinds of precision rails to ensure that they match your requirements and preferences.


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