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Advantage VoLTE network over LTE

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Advantage VoLTE network over LTE

Now it’s the 4G era in india. Fastly changed from 2G/3G network to 4G Network almost all mobile networks. Now every network changes its network from LTE to VoLTE to give better services to clients. Here we are discussing the advantage of VoLTE network over LTE. when describing only the advantages of VoLTE, that will be enough to know how LTE limited in its quality.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice Over Long Term Evolution. It is voice call services that uses 4G network. 2G and 3G network uses LTE to carry voice call in between network. In addition to call features VoLTE also provide high-quality streaming, downloading etc. There are so many other features where VoLTE network over LTE. Now in india, almost all smartphone networks changed to VoLTE as Reliance Jio Introduced first time with their Jio 4G network. The technology uses more penetration power signals to get improved communication. These signals may penetrate the physical things to reach the destination devices so that there is more powered signal to get the high-quality services.

In Europe and American countries, the smartphone networks started services using this technology long ago. But in India, the service providers started a couple of years ago.

Benefits Of VoLTE in smartphone network

Here we are discussing Features or benefits of VoLTE network in smartphone network.

Improved call quality

The supermost benefit of using VoLTE technology is to improve the call quality. We can get an advantage for both the voice and video calls. VoLTE (4G) is 3 times faster than 3G network and 6 times faster than 2G network. So there will be added the quality on Voice call and video call.

There you can get some devices in the market to make HD Video and voice call with your 2G or 3G smartphone. The device makes the VoLTE environment WiFi signals using with the special android app, you can make HD Video and voice call. For example, you can make HD Video and voice call with Jio4GVoice and JioFi wifi modem by reliance Jio communications along with the android app Jio4GVoice.

In-Depth signal coverage

This is one another cool benefit from VoLTE network. As the signal strength is much more stronger than 2G or 3G network and the increased penetration power, the in depth signal coverage with the signal. So there may not any call drop by using the 4G VoLTE network. I think this is one of the main reason while getting all the smartphone network in india since TRAI charges those smartphone network to give compensation for call drop for their clients.

Video Call Benefit

Now it is the time of Video conferencing as smartphone apps and smartphone networks are in the revolution. There are so many android apps that supports video call. All these apps make use of 4G network speed to give the superior quality video call features. In the old days, before the 4G VoLTE enabled in india, we were used skype for making video conference. But there were some limitation while using 3G or broadband services, we were experienced the lower quality on voice. Now the apps like Jio4GVoice, Line, Hike etc are using RICH Communication Services aka RCS to enhance the improved video call conference with smartphones.

Improved battery Life

Some reports from high tech magazines that using 4G VoLTE makes the improved battery life. This is due to the smartphones optimizes the the battery life as it uses a continuous stream of small packets with low data rate. But this is the misconception.

Efficiency of signals

VoLTE uses the strongest network so there is improved overall signal strength. So the chance of getting the call disconnect is very low. For experiencing the quality of VoLTE network, you need to upgrade to 4G smartphone. 3G smartphones does not compatible with VoLTE network. Now in the market, almost all the smartphones are VoLTE Enabled because now all the smartphone and site power infrastructure networks are upgraded to VoLTE. Also all smartphone users are now making one SIM slot to VoLTE enabled  and that slot 1. Some smartphone manufacturers are now making all the slot VoLTE slot, so the mobile network operators recommend to insert SIM on slot 1.

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