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Advanced Certifications in Ethical Hacking

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How to become an Ethical Hacker

As the technological market is growing by the day, the number of risks associated with cybersecurity and hacking are also increasing. In order to mitigate those risks, there are special courses which are introduced to help all the aspiring cybersecurity professionals to learn more about ethical hacking and use it to safeguard data.

Most companies are now focusing on hiring ethical hackers who can identify any unethical activities happening within the firm. So, if you want to become an ethical hacker, then you are in the right place to learn more about it.

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Why ethical hacking certification is required?

Certified ethical hackers are skilled professionals who know how to find loopholes or vulnerabilities in the target systems. They use their knowledge, effective tools, and think from the perspective of a malicious hacker to determine those loopholes. The basic purpose of obtaining this type of certificate is:

  • Create and govern the minimum requirements for safeguarding the information security systems professionally
  • Inform the audience or clients that secured individuals exceed their minimum standards or even meet their standards to a certain extent.
  • Reinforce hacking methods ethically as a unique and regulating profession.

Course objectives and types of questions

You can choose to become an ethical hacker by selecting any of the below-mentioned courses:

  • Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH Certification Training

  • GIAC or Global Information Assurance Certification Penetration Tester
  • OSCP or Offensive Security Certified Professional
  • VAPT or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  • Certified Network Defender or CND
  • CTIA or Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • ECSA or EC-Council Certified Security Analyst
  • LPT or Licensed Penetration Tester

The course objectives in ethical hacking certification by many institutions are to provide to the best education and training that usually a hacker integrates by penetrating into the network-secured systems, server systems and use them ethically to safeguard infrastructure. The course would include providing extensive training based on several aspects and providing real-time examples of security domains getting hacked by malicious hackers, practical representation of hackers hacking into the servers, and how to use all these techniques ethically to mitigate such risks.

The course would also include training to tackle situations like phishing, SQL injections, exploitations, and a lot more. The motive of providing this type of education is to make sure the candidates score well in the examination and pass the certification. Before preparing for the examination, you must know about the examination process and basics.

The examination paper consists of 125 questions and you will have four hours to solve them. The format of the examination is a multiple choice format which means you will have to answer questions by ticking or marking on the correct options. In order to clear the examination, you will have to score about 60 percent and above to receive the certification and become a certified ethical hacker.

There are two examination prefixes i.e. 312-50(ECC Examination) and 312-50 (VUE). EC-Council is the governing body which is responsible to prepare the question papers and maintain the integrity of the examination. All candidates can through the online website and collect sample question papers which would help you to prepare for the exam.

The council provides you with various question banks which are carefully analyzed by the help of different tools used for testing purposes. The SMEs (subject-matter-experts) are responsible to prepare the question papers based on the academics provided to the candidates and have a significant impact matching the standard of the reality applicability. Each of the questions is rated based on its difficulty level in the sample papers which would help you in understanding what types of questions can be asked in the examination papers.e Passing the exam and receiving the certification is not easy. You will face a lot of challenges initially in understanding the question. However, over time, you will know how to answer those questions easily.

Importance of CISSP Certification training

The importance of ethical hacking can be determined by looking at the statistical report of the current market and the demand that’s increasing on a daily basis. There are also some of the prominent government approved agencies which currently manage and control various data by keeping a record of the same. The sense of urgency to hire an ethical hacker by several organizations can also be determined because of the large amount of information which currently lies on the internet websites and this information accounts for the most vital form of data which would include data from the banking sector to safekeeping personal information of thousands of people.

Unauthorized access given to the data can cause a lot of turmoil amongst companies and also has the ability to create catastrophic situations. To ensure the safety of your data, it gets extremely important for any given company or business venture to be proactive enough to control such activities and this is done by hiring skilled and talented professionals who have a certain amount of expertise in controlling such threats easily.

CISSP certification training institutes are responsible to produce such candidates who have their basics and fundamentals clear in order to identify these threats and place proper controls to mitigate the risks involved. In addition to this, some of the prominent CISSP certification training institutes also demonstrate live models and share real-life incidents to the aspiring candidates who wish to become developers or security executives in a reputed company. For more information regarding the type of CISSP Certification training modules, you can click on the link which would redirect you to the website that consists of all the required information and sample question papers.

What is the job of an ethical hacker?

The primary job of an ethical hacker is to indulge in the process of hacking for the betterment of society. They are appointed by companies to reach to the core of the problem and find solutions and security for the systems as well. They do this to provide a healthy and safe workplace in the company by securing the data and important documents which are confidential at times. They also provide services like recovering data, emails which are inaccessible for the company, in case of any malpractices which may take place. The job of ethical hackers is to fix these kinds of issues and provide their clients with safety and security.

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