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Ableton Live 10 Reviews

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Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 is one of the best software programs for music producers and composers. With the latest Version 10 of Ableton Live after the significant 9.5 updates, the software becomes more powerful than ever. Addition of the new features like the new synthesizer, audio effect updates, workflow integration, and many others. After these additions, the experience that a user will get will be out of the world, and that’s why we are reviewing the Ableton Live 10 software in this post.

Features of Ableton Live 10

The only reason Ableton Live 10 is one of the best software for audio and music processing is the bundles of features. Here are all of the main features of this software program that makes it accessible and powerful than the other popular music processing software programs.

  • Wavetable Synthesizer

The developer has named the Wavetable synthesizer as “Ableton Synth,” is the beautiful synthesizer in the application. With full-screen mode, tons of presets, audio effects, better support for a variety of devices and beautiful design makes it the most useful feature in the software.

  • Push 2 Integration

If you have a PUSH 2 device, then you can use it without any issues with Ableton Live 10 software. The developers added the support for integration of PUSH 2.0 devices and the software, which makes music recording swift.

  • New UI Elements and Typeface

The developers have changed some of the UI elements of the Live 10 from Ableton. With the four-element layout, the software home screen looks clean. The change of the UI is noticeable if the users have used the older versions.

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  • Effect Packs

The software comes with the bundle of tons of instrument-and-effect presets, MIDI clips and the individual samples for the users to use. They are not up to the notch, but they are suitable for first-timers and the teachers, or the users who are willing to create some essential music. The bundle packs make it easier for the musicians and audio experts to make music or edit the audio effect with ease.

  • Pricing

The pricing is not much high compared to the other software programs in the same category. For the first time or beginners, the Intro pack comes with the price tag of $99, The Standard Plan with Full Features and Extra Sound library comes with the tag of $499 and the best “Suite” plan with all of the features suitable for the masters is available at $749 only. The prices are affordable for everyone as the plans are ideal for people with different skill set and needs.

  • Platforms

The Ableton Live 10 music processing software runs on multiple operating systems like Windows and MacOS. If you have the computer running on any of these operating systems, then you can quickly download and run the Ableton Live 10 to process the music.

Final Words

Ableton Live 10 is the incremental upgrade from the Ableton Live 9 and 9.5. Both of the older versions had fantastic features, but the incremental upgrade has the importance over the small updates that introduce one or two features. With tons of exciting features to use for the music creators, be it a newbie or the master musician, anyone can use the software pretty easily and get his work done relatively quickly. I hope you loved this review of Ableton Live 10. We tried to cover all of the updates and upgrades in this version. If you have any doubts regarding the software, then please comment below so we can help you regarding the same.

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