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The Role of a Recipient and a Giver in a 360 Degree Feedback Process

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360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is popular today because of its principle to get feedback from multiple people. These people may include a subordinate, a friend, a superior, and even the clients that you speak to every day.

The purpose of this is to make sure that a team member improves himself. Both the giver and recipient of feedback should portray their role well to ascertain the success of the said process. Carry on reading to learn more about how you can be effective in receiving and giving feedback.

The Recipient

Let’s say you’re one of the people who need 360 Degree Feedback. The feedback comes from your co-workers and supervisors. The way people see it, you should be grateful to have their feedback for you to grow as an employee.

Most of the time, what you are most likely to receive are opinions and comments from different points of view. If you’re lucky, there will be many positive ones. But, let us face it. Often times, they are sugar-coated contradictions.

Here are some steps about how you can improve after receiving feedback.

Accept It No Matter How Harsh It Is

Firstly, you need to accept the feedback given. No matter how harsh or inspiring it is, it will make you realize a lot of things about yourself. Additionally, since most 360-degree feedback givers are anonymous, the temptation to pinpoint who gave what is enticing. But do not give in to temptation. Fight off your curiosity. It is not about who gave it but what is being given.

Identify The Patterns If There Is Any

Look at the big picture. Spot a pattern. For example, when 7 out of 10 has said that you can still deliver on time even if your boss assigns you a task that is due in a day or two, that is something that you should look out for when receiving feedback. By focusing on the pattern, you can list down all your qualities and the areas where you need to improve. The pattern will give you a clearer path to your career growth.

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The Giver of Feedback

However, if you are the one giving the feedback, what should you do?

You should know that being a feedback giver, you should:

  • Think of giving feedback that would make your co-worker improve. It should be more on appreciation and coaching, not evaluation.
  • Not focus on the weaknesses of your co-worker. It would demotivate him/her and make that person feel that his/her efforts are not appreciated. Doing this would hinder the growth of that person.

Not everyone is good at providing feedback. It takes the right amount of skill to provide input that would make a co-worker accept it without hard feelings.

It’s nice to have an efficient 360-degree feedback process inside a company. Not only does it make a person improve his job, but it also develops the teams in the company, which leads to its improvement. That is why you, as a person, should know what to do to make the process effective, whether you’re a giver or a receiver.

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