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5 Security Camera Troubleshooting Tips

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security camera troubleshooting tips

Are you having problems with your security camera?

Security cameras are great for surveillance and protectng your home. But if your cameras aren’t working, they cause more worry than piece mind.

Make sure your they keep running with these security camera troubleshooting tips!

1. Test Your Power Supply

The first thing to do if you’re having issues is to check it’s not your power supply. Most CCTV systems have individual DC transformers that go with each camera. If you’ve misplaced them or don’t have one spare, you can get them from most places that sell CCTV systems.

Look at the existing power supply and check if it’s 12V DC or 24V AC. Most systems will be 12V DC. Then disconnect your power supply from the cord and attach your spare one. Plug it back in, and test to see if you’re getting video.

2. Motion Control Isn’t Working

Is motion taking place before your camera but the video isn’t appearing on your Video Archive? This suggests that you may need to fine-tune your settings for motion recording.

Readjust the motion recording zone placement. You need to set the zone box to cross over an edge so that any movement can trigger Much like a tripwire.

You can also try to make the zones smaller but more precise. For example, focus on the edge of a door frame or the handle, where movement is likely to occur. You’ll get better results than trying to squeeze the whole door in.

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3. IP Camera Isn’t Uploading

Do a speed test first of all. This is to check the camera has enough bandwidth to upload the video feeds. You can go to www.speedtest.net to test your uploading speeds.

If your upload speeds are too low, it lowers the quality of your video (if it uploads at all). To get the most accurate results, do this test on a connection that matches your camera’s.

So, if your camera runs on Wi-Fi, do a test on Wi-Fi near to where your camera’s location. If it’s on Ethernet, do your test on that.

4. The Picture is Too Light

If you’re not getting a clear picture, or the video is too light or dark there are things you can do to fix it. If the feed is too dark, you can:

  • Make sure your camera points straight at a light source, like the sun or an outdoor light.
  • Adjust contrast and brightness settings on the TV/screen your camera connects to.
  • Check to see if anything is blocking light reaching your camera and move these items if you can.

If these suggestions don’t fix the issue you may need to move the camera. Try to have a backup location that will be more suitable.

5. The Picture is Not Clear or Fuzzy

If your streaming surveillance video is fuzzy, vheck the camera lens that it’s not dirty of filled with condensation. With a soft, clean cloth, clean away any dirt, moisture, dust, and spiderwebs. Never use an aerosol cleaner or any harsh chemicals.

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If your camera is varifocal, check your zoom settings as you made need to adjust them. It’s common for varifocals to need fine-tuning every once in a while to keep the picture sharp.

Security Camera Troubleshooting Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

So there you have it! Now you know these security camera troubleshooting tips, you’ll know where to start if your CCTV acts up.

Make sure your connected, and you’ve got the right upload speeds. Keep lenses clean and remember you may need to adjust the settings from time to time.

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