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Why More & More Companies Are Moving to Jacksonville

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Why More & More Companies Are Moving to Jacksonville

There are obvious reasons for people wanting to vacation — or even reside — in Jacksonville, Florida. This northeast Florida city boasts the youngest population in the Sunshine State. Jacksonville’s beaches that stretch for 22 miles to its proximity near state and national parks, its historically preserved neighborhoods to the best fishing spots in the southern U.S., and its wide range of cuisines to its hopping nightlife, “Jax” — as the locals call it — offers both excitement and tranquility. Also celebrated is the city’s friendliness toward business and enterprise. In fact, many firms are flocking to Jacksonville to take advantage of this climate.

A Favorable Tax Structure for Business

Since 1968, the City of Jacksonville enjoys a consolidated government with the County of Duval. This means that Jacksonville receives the services of both governing entities through a unified system. As a result, duplication of functions is minimized while efficiency is increased. The net effect of this streamlining is a lower tax burden for residents and commercial establishments. Property taxes, for example are calculated at a lower rate compared to the other largest cities in Florida. Businesses, in addition, are not encumbered with taxes on inventory, gross receipts or goods-in-transit, among others. Sales taxes are also limited in their imposition. Keeping more revenue is a definite plus for businesses.

Starting, Expanding or Relocating

For those unsure of how to go to the next phase of business development–whether starting one, growing one or moving one to the city–the city government and the local Chamber of Commerce offer informative resources to owners and CEOs. The city itself presents small business help sessions every other month to brief leaders on issues like obtaining building permits, understanding zoning processes, conforming to fire codes and procuring certificates of use. Meanwhile, the Jax Chamber provides mentoring and education through programs of its own: the Entrepreneurial Growth Division, JAX Bridges, the Small Business Center and the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center. In short, the government and private sector work in tandem to help businesses succeed.

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The JAXUSA Partnership is an association of about 200 investors dedicated to enhancing the city as a world-class commercial hub. Coordinating higher levels of capital investment, this group works with peers to improve living standards, create new jobs and recruit other businesses to the city and region. Partnering with agencies that govern transportation infrastructure, JAXUSA has funneled nearly eight-billion dollars into capital improvements and created over 100,000 new jobs. Expansion Management magazine three named Jacksonville the “number one city for expansion and relocation in America” as a result of these initiatives.

Making Relocation Easier

Even with all these incentives, business owners may hesitate about relocating to Jacksonville, fearing a logistical nightmare. Yet Suddath is a mover with long experience and seasoned competence in transferring business inventory and assets to this welcoming city. Over and above simple conveyance, Suddath a Jacksonville moving company offers assistance with office space design, temporary storage and industrial relocation, including the moving of heavy machinery and advanced technology infrastructures. Using its own state-of-the-art systems, Suddath also serves customers with integrity and transparency to lessen the likelihood of unpleasant surprises. From offices and warehouses to data centers, restaurants and hospitals, our background embraces all kinds of commercial moving. Contact us for a relocation with minimal stress and optimal results.

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