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How To Use Signs For Branding

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Why use signs for branding?

The biggest argument here is often that you can easily differentiate yourself from the competition. Often, there are industries in which you are purely competing on basic product features or price in where it is much harder to stand out from the competition. Using signs for branding can help you stand out from the competition and it also shows your customers that you are strongly committed to your company.

So, let’s break down how exactly you can use signs for branding, look at some tips and share some ideas for what types of signs will fit your company best.

Where can I use branding signs, name badges, nameplates, etc.? What type of sign is right for me?

Different industries and use cases require different branding signs. Let’s look at some of the most common cases where branding sings can be used with utility – and not just because they look great – or in other words, let’s make your brand design work for you. Below, we’ve presented some examples we found where to use signs for branding or information.

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1. Name badges for events

A great way to stand out of the crowd and proudly present your company forward is to use name badges. Some decide to utilize them only on events, trade fairs and meetups, while others (typically larger corporations) use them at all times even in their corporate offices. This is a great way to both immediately inform the person across you about your workplace (and give a clear idea about your company) – but can also be used internally to stimulate employees because by wearing the badge they feel they represent your company.

2. Exterior / outdoors / building signs

If your customers are having trouble locating your offices – or if you share offices with other companies, using a large branded sign is a great way to point your visitors to the right direction. And as an added bonus, every once in awhile, you will get a new customer who saw your branding (in other words became aware of your brand) and researched your company on their own.

3. Labeling offices

Smaller companies usually don’t have problems with that; however, larger corporations can often find their employees wondering which room or office they are supposed to go through. Having nameplates will ultimately make it easier for everyone to navigate around your offices – and give pride to the people sitting in those offices which can result in increased efficiency.

4. Spicing up your offices

Yes, great signs can have utility – but let’s not forget the whole design part. Using a few high-quality branding signs around your office can really give it a welcoming feel – and clearly show who you actually are as a company to all visitors.

5. Sales/Product signage

This one is primarily used by retail stores for products that have gone on sale. The standard product sales sign is a tag that clearly shows the product is on sale (i.e. it has a high contrast) and lists the new discounted price of the product.

6. Vinyl lettering

Window lettering made from vinyl is a very popular SMB branding technique used all across the world. Vinyl signs can boost your brand by showing not only your logo but also a slogan or a statement that will ultimately resonate with the person reading it (your target audience).

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7. Informational signs

This type of sign somewhat overlaps with some of the other types listed, however, there are specific instances that are not mentioned above. For example, an informational sign is not only one that gives directions but also that contains further readings about something – an object or a location. Such signs are widespread in museums and used even on industrial sites to describe certain tools/features/areas.

What material should it be?

Here are the best materials for branding signs:

Cardboard signs

These are simple signs made from cardboard that are perfect for everyday use. Their main benefits are that they are inexpensive to produce and are very lightweight. Primarily used in confined spaces as cardboard is not water-resistant.

Plastic signage

Plastic sings are similar to cardboard signs however they have more widespread usability as they can also be used in outdoor environments.

Correx signs

Correx signs are much more durable than regular plastic signs and are made from polypropylene (PP). They are lightweight and very durable – which makes them a preferred choice for the outdoors. Correx signs are often used for sale signs and are seen around election times. These signs are a very cost-effective solution.

Aluminum/Steel signs

Expensive but durable, aluminum and steel materials take signs to a whole another level. 


Made from aluminum or steel, nameplates or name badges can be made for both personal uses (on t-shirt or uniform), with a desk stand or for hanging on doors/offices.

Acrylic signs

Acrylic signs are made from the polymer acrylic – which is a transparent colorless material. They are typically cast in a rectangular shape and can also be colored bespoke to individual requirements. Acrylic signs are a very effective and stylish way of replacing glass signs – and can often be seen in lobby areas.

Vinyl lettering

Vinyl letters are 2D flat letters that are cut out from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets and applied to a clear/transparent plastic sheet with self-adhesive backing allowing you to place them wherever suitable. They can be printed both on the standard (top) side of the clear sheet – or the opaque side – allowing you to place them on the inside of windows – so that the text is readable from the outside.


By now you might already have some pretty interesting ideas for your next branding materials. If you are looking for a company that can provide you with such branding solutions, we recommend these guys in the United Kingdom.

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