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Things You Need to Know about Living in London

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Know about Living in London

London has become one of the most cosmopolitan modern cities. It’s beautiful panoramas, the elegance of its residents, and its historic charm make it very appealing.

Nowadays it is a common dream to live among its ancient buildings or contemporary skyscrapers. London has all the charm of a new city surrounded by an ancient one.


Before you move to any place, the most important thing is to set yourself a budget, especially if you are arriving in the city in search of work.

All migratory movement, within or outside the country, must be meticulously organised and planned. The most advisable thing is to have sufficient savings to be able to live for around 3 months without working. Remember if you are arriving without a source of fixed income, you must be extremely careful.

At first, eating out at restaurants or going clubbing is not a very viable option, but it is good to dedicate a small portion of your budget to entertainment, as it’s an essential part of all humans’ lives. If you want to find a guide who is also great company, enjoy a special day with escorts in London, who will also show you a very different side of the city.


Once you have established the amount of money you have for starting your new life in London, it’s good to be clear on what your priorities are and how much they will cost.

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Basic services

Housing, food, basic utilities and transport are the four starting points for your list of priorities. Starting out in a bedsit or hostel will help you not to burn through your savings too quickly. Another advantage of this kind of shared housing is that your neighbours can often help you learn how to get around in the city.

Healthy eating

Eating a healthy diet is more affordable than eating high-fat foods; make a monthly menu aligned with seasonal offerings, so you will be able to save while eating healthily. Seasonal fruit is always a better snack than something prepackaged, and is much cheaper too, just as water is always cheaper than fizzy drinks.

Water and gas

In terms of basic utilities, it is important to remember that winter in London can be pretty harsh, so it is best to save on electricity by finding a place with gas heating while remembering you want good ventilation for the summer months.

Internet and phone

Internet and phone are now part of the basic services necessary for living a civilised life. Choosing a plan that truly fits your most basic needs is the main thing; don’t start out by spending big on costly plans. Obviously, water must be taken into account here, too.


Public transport in London works perfectly and on very convenient timetables. You can opt for transport cards such as the Oyster or Travelcard, both of which make paying for public transport easy as well as helping you save a few pounds since they guarantee you the best value rates.

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London, where all you need is to master the basics

London may seem like a rough city, but in reality it is ready to welcome you with misty open arms. Be carried away on its charms, and seek your fortune among its rainy, vibrant streets.


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