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We would be right at the point in our Physiology class where we were finishing up discussing the differences between the male and female bodies. I thought that a demonstration with young Scott and our star track athlete, Meredith, a junior as well, would be the perfect way to introduce a scantly clad young man to the class. After a brief introduction, I planned to excuse Meredith and move right into the reproductive part of the lesson.

Scott had done extremely well in my apartment during the trial run when we were planning the idea. I had the approval of the school board and of the parents, though I had asked the parents not to let the girls know just yet. I really wanted to see their reaction as the plan unfolded in the classroom.

As I explained earlier, the school where I teach is an all girl school in south central Iowa. The class size is about 15-20 students per classroom, with each graduating class population being between 30 and 40. It’s a good group of kids, with parents who are able to and willing to send their girls to an private school. We are actually fortunate to have enrollment numbers like this.

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