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How to Plan for Stag and Hen Dos Abroad

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How to Plan for Stag and Hen Dos Abroad

When it comes to a Stag or Hen Do, you want to make sure the bride and the groom have the time of their lives. Lately, it’s been popular to do them abroad, so they can enjoy as much as possible for longer than one night. Yet, planning these parties abroad can be very hard, and unless you know an entertainment specialist in UK like Celebrate Just Right stag/hen do’s, you might have a hard time planning it.

Anyway, that’s why we are here, to show you how to plan the ultimate experience when it comes to your best friend’s (or your own) last party as a single person. Here’s everything you’ll need to do.

1.Plan your ass off

  • Consult with the bride and groom – the guests of honor are going to be busy AF when the wedding approaches. Check when can they travel, and make sure they program nothing else for that weekend.
  • Give a lot of notice to the guests – going abroad may be a strong expense for some. Also, you want to make sure as much people as possible can come. Finally, choose the date when most of them can come.
  • Gather phone numbers, emails, Facebook accounts, everything – You’ll need e-mails for ticket mailing and those kinds of things. Some people create google drives for better organization. You need phone numbers for a group chat to see the urgent stuff. You need Facebook to create the event and make it easier for everyone to follow. Also, to post the pics later.


  1. Choose a budget
  • Don’t price people out – if you know most of your friends won’t be able to pay for a cruise in Dubai, don’t do that. Look for a plan that will accommodate everyone. Some people will inevitably hold themselves out for the money, but try to make it a smaller amount.
  • Remember you are not only talking plane tickets – consider plane, accommodations, the club, extra gifts, and the fact that you’ll probably have to pay for the bride’s/ groom’s stuff (depend on the agreement).


  1. Choose your destination
  • Research. Research. Research – Some places might be very cheap to fly to, but very expensive to stay and party in.
  • Consider what you want out of the Stag/Hen Do – If the groom or bride like better cultural experiences. Or maybe they want day and nightclubbing. Maybe they just are super wedding-planning-stressed and want a week at the beach. Check out your options and offer them to the bride/groom to see which one they prefer.


  1. Choose your accommodations SMART
  • Stag or Hen? – the first thing you should consider. While you should always ask, guys will probably prefer a centralized, city hotel. Or maybe a big house that is close to the good pubs. However, girls might prefer nicer hotels, that has a spa, a nice pool to relax in, etc.
  • Consider the group – What works best. Do you drink a lot, low budget? Maybe an all-inclusive would be cool. Do you want to relax? Spa and resort.
  • Book for EVERYONE – Everyone stays in the same hotel, avoids confusions, misunderstandings, and is safer for all the parties involved. Book for everyone and set clear deadlines for them to pay.
  • Reservations are advance – chances are you are not going to be four persons. Make sure your hotel can reserve for as many people as there are going.


  1. Make an itinerary
  • Dates – what day are you doing what. Maybe what days are you visiting which clubs, which are you going to a show, when are you going to dinner and where, etc…
  • Times – to help with the organization, give everyone the approximate time they have to be awake, or in their ways to a place.
  • Places – make sure everyone knows where they are going and how you are going to get there.
  • Dress codes – in a Hen/Stag Do, you’ll probably be wearing special stuff on specific days. Make sure everyone knows if you are taking specific colors or dressing items so they know what to put in their bags.
  • Money – let people know where they are going and how much it’ll cost (approximately). This way they can know how much money to carry and you’ll avoid awkward money-borrowing.

You might look like a control freak, but everyone will thank you later.


  1. Make a checklist
  • For packing – especially if you are taking extra items like customized bottles, swimming suits, caps. You don’t want to forget those.
  • For payments – know who has paid you and what. Handling money, especially among friends can be tricky and you don’t want misunderstandings.
  • Pass the checklist of the items around – so no one forgets to bring anything.


  1. Ice-breakers
  • If the guests don’t know each other – if you invite people from different parts of the bride/groom’s life, you might not know them. So, something like this could help have a more relaxed environment during the trip.
  • If the guests know each other – you’ll have fun and get the party started earlier. 


  1. Don’t over-do it
  • Don’t drink too much – the hangover is not cool if you are going to get up the next day early to explore the place you are staying in.
  • Scorching sun – You do have a wedding to attend soon. Especially for the bride and groom, take care of their skin. You don’t want a shrimp-looking bride and groom


  1. Expect the unexpected
  • Extra venues and backup plans – sometimes you just can’t control everything. You don’t want to be looking for places last minute because it rained and you couldn’t get to the pool party. Have a plan B, always.
  • tense situations – might happen, you know your friends so plan a way to deal with them.


  1. The bride or groom shouldn’t have to worry about anything
  • They are stressed enough with the wedding – so make sure they take a break from that and that they don’t have to worry about the planning once they get there.
  • Make it clear to everyone else – people are sometimes selfish. Make it very clear to everyone that you are there to have a good time and that making the bride/groom upset is not an option.
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