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How Much Ram Do I Need For My PC or Laptop

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how much ram do I need for my PC

One of the most important elements to consider when buying a new computer is definitely the RAM. The RAM ( Random Access Memory ) is a type of volatile memory present in all computers and mobile devices. Such as smartphones and tablets serve to load the applications and files before being processed by the processor. When we have to process a file, the computer copies the data from the internal disk. You can transfer them to the RAM so that the processor can access them faster. This system speeds up data processing because the RAM’s access time is much lower than that of the computer’s internal disk. In this guideline, you are going to know about how much ram do I need for my PC. Let’s get start.

Getting know on how much ram do I need for my PC

One would then wonder why we do not use the only RAM on the computer to save data. The answer is straightforward. The Ram is much more expensive. Therefore, a compromise was chosen to have on the computer a RAM. The files loaded before being processed by the processor and a second larger memory where data, programs. The operating system saved when they not running.


From this premise, it is easy to understand that the RAM is insufficient to contain all the programs. The files that processed by the processor become slower because it to read the files.

So what is RAM for? – how much ram do I need

The RAM is used exclusively to store temporary information, not to be confused with the device’s internal memory, archive, or hard disk. On the other hand, this permanently stores all our data (photos, videos, documents). This memory more precisely allows the device to load all the applications that are opened simultaneously, to keep all its functions ready for use, and it empties as soon as we close them or turn off the device. Therefore, you will understand that having a high enough amount of RAM allows the device (whether PC or Smartphone / Tablet) to use multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down or crashing.

Are there any programs to clean the ram?

Having noticed many similar questions online, I would like to point out that: There are no programs to clean the RAM from the moment it empties at each device’s restart. As I have already said, RAM stores temporary information only when you turn on the device and open certain applications. However, apps to monitor open apps in smartphones and force them to close to increase the RAM remain free, considering that a part is already inevitably occupied by the operating system itself on all devices. 

Even on a PC, it is possible to disable some unnecessary applications that open at system startup and automatically occupy a small RAM amount. To do this, if you have Windows 10, right-click on an empty spot on the taskbar, and click on “Task Manager, “then on the “Startup” tab, select those apps you think are not necessary, and click on “Disable.” 

The thing you should remember – how much ram do I need for my PC

It needs a slower disk from time to time. In general, a PC should have enough RAM to contain the applications and files we usually use. Having more would not make the computer faster and would be an unnecessary higher cost. To evaluate the right amount of Ram, we must therefore know the type of applications we are going to use habitually or what we use to make of our computer. The minimum wage for a computer with Windows 10 and 4 GB: with such an amount of Ram, we can carry out normal daily activities such as using a word processor, surfing the internet, watching a streaming video, etc.

how much ram do I need for my PC or laptop

However, if we the habit of opening multiple applications simultaneously, it advisable to have at least 8 GB of Ram: the typical case when many browser tabs opened and at the same time working on a word or other applications. In these scenarios, having more Ram helps make the computer more responsive. Opting for a higher amount of Ram recommended only for those who use cumbersome applications such as graphic design programs, video editing software, video games, and so on. In these cases, you opt for 16GB or more.

Can I expand the Ram later?

Yes and no: it depends on the type of computer. To miniaturize the internal components and make the computer more compact in many cases, Ram soldered directly on the motherboard. Therefore, it is not possible to expand it. The presence of any expansion slots checked at the time of purchase. On the new Mac Book and several ultra-thin laptops with Windows 10. It is not possible to expand the Ram later. If a future expansion is not possible. It will be good to choose the right amount when purchasing not to find a computer that does not perfectly meet our needs.

How can I understand the type of Ram that I can install on my computer?

We can find this information in the manual of the pc motherboard. If the motherboard manual is not available, we can use a small program such as Cpu z (www.cpuid.com). After starting it, go to the SPD tab: here, we can check how many slots we have and Ram installed on the computer.

Another solution is to use the Crucial System Scan tool (http://it.crucial.com/ita/it/system-scanner). The procedure is effortless. We go to the tool link, check the I agree on the box, and click on the System Scan button. Let’s save the CrucialITScan.exe file and click twice on it to start it. After a few moments, we will have all the information relating to the type of Ram. We can install on our PC. how much ram do I need for my PC

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