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Control The Temperature to Keep Safety

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Control The Temperature to Keep Safety

The “temperature control” technology of vapes is not a “new thing” now. The full-mode temperature control function has become the “standard” for most mainframes. For many newcomers, because they do not understand the relevant principles and knowledge of temperature control, the temperature control function of the host does not know how to use it, and what needs to be paid attention to. On the one hand, I am curious about the effect of temperature control, on the other hand, I don’t know how to use the temperature control mode correctly.

In fact, if at the professional level, the “temperature control” technology of vapes involves a lot of content, the description of professional knowledge will make it difficult for many new friends to understand. Therefore, the author uses personal understanding to tell you about the “temperature control” related knowledge in a relatively popular and easy-to-understand way. Recently, there is a new product from vapeciga , which is called VOOPOO Drag 2 TC Mod 177W. It is shaped in a compact size and light weight with sleek corners and exquisite appearance.What’s more,the OLED screen gets the real-time operating state clearly. I hope you can learn about the unique vape branch of “temperature control”.

What Is Temperature Control?

“TC” means Temperature Control. In the field of vapes, it refers to a new vape function that appeared in 2015. Like the “regulation” mode, temperature control is also one of the modes of host output. . In practical applications, the temperature control technology of the vape is not like the temperature detection sensor in other fields such as a car, but the temperature information is calculated by calculating the resistance value of the heating wire through the host chip, so actually the temperature control of the vape is based on the change of the resistance of the heating wire, and is not judged by the actual temperature.

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The Principle of Vape Temperature Control

In vapes, “heating wire” is an important component responsible for heating and evaporating smoke oil to produce mist. The heating wire is also called “resistance wire”. In fact, it is a wire or an alloy wire. Just like “electric lamp” and “electric wire”, the coil made by the electric current through the heating wire generates heat.

The resistance of the metal itself is not always fixed and will change with temperature. At present, the temperature control technology of electronic cigarettes is based on this characteristic of metal to achieve temperature control function. For example: the resistance of the heating wire at room temperature is 0.1Ω. If the temperature rises after power-on, if it reaches 100°C, the resistance changes to 0.13Ω, and at 200°C, it becomes 0.15Ω, at 300°C. At this time, it becomes 0.19 Ω. According to the law of such resistance change, the chip calculates the temperature of the starting hot coil. The law of this resistance change is the “TCR” temperature resistance coefficient of variation.

The “TCR” value of each material is different. Therefore, if coils of different materials are used, the TCR data of the corresponding material must be available inside the chip of the host computer, and the coil can be converted according to the initial resistance pass coefficient. The temperature corresponding to the resistance. The temperature control initially only supports the “nickel 200” heating wire. On such a host, only the TCR data of the nickel 200 is available, so the temperature control of other materials cannot be supported. At present, most of the mainframes support temperature control of two common materials, nickel and titanium. Some hosts also add TCR data of 316 stainless steel wire. There are also some chips, such as DNA200, which open up the custom TCR function and allow users to add TCR data of other temperature control materials.

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In order to get the correct temperature control experience, you must use the mode corresponding to the heating wire material, which means that the nickel coil can not use the titanium mode, and the titanium coil can not use the 316 mode. Although it works, the metal TCR temperature resistance coefficient is different, so the correct temperature corresponding to the resistance of the material cannot be obtained, and the meaning of “temperature control” is lost.

Through the content described in this article, I believe that you will have a deeper understanding of temperature control. In any field, new experiences brought about by new technologies are worth trying. If you are interested in temperature control, you can refer to the relevant content in this article to experience and find the vape experience that suits you. Maybe you don’t like the feeling of temperature control after you try it, maybe you will fall in love with it.

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