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7 expert plumbing tips to keep in mind this summer

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7 expert plumbing tips to keep in mind this summer

Summertime is extremely stressful for parents and homeowners because the kids are at home all day long, and that means double the effort that goes into maintaining the house and keeping it clean. With the high temperatures in summertime, your house will most probably end up using a lot of water, be it for a pool, watering plants, showers, or more laundry. In all of this, the first thing that will experience some wear and tear is your plumbing.

Plumbing is an essential part of the way your home functions and how you are able to enjoy the basic amenities you have in your home thoroughly. This includes everything from a sink and a wash basin to a shower, a pool, or a washing machine. Almost everything in your home will rely on plumbing systems being in place, and summertime is when the plumbing will be in most use.  Chandler plumber gives excellent advice on some of the best expert plumbing tips that we should all keep in mind this summer to make sure our plumbing stays functional and optimal:

1.    Sprinkler systems

Your sprinklers use a lot of water for your garden, but they are quite prone to issues as well. In the summer heat, when you will regularly be watering plants, make sure to check on the sprinkler system to find out if there have been any previous leaks or cracks from the harsh winter season. These can cause water wastage and can end up ruining your plants as well.

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Also, make sure not to overuse sprinkler systems as they can use up a lot of water and add up a pretty penny to the water bill.

2.    Faucet heads

One of the biggest plumbing tips for all households is to keep an eye out for rust and leakage in faucets, shower heads, and even sprinkler heads. Mineral deposits can cause water leakage and wastage, and rust can stop the water flow and damage the plumbing as well. A good idea is to maintain all of this equipment by soaking it in vinegar for a day or so or using any other readily accessible DIY to clean out the faucet and shower heads.

Investing in good quality faucets, shower heads, and sprinkler heads can also help to alleviate this situation because they require less maintenance, and are resistant to rust and mineral deposits.

3.    Garbage disposal

With more people at home most of the day, there will be a lot of food being cooked. Try to avoid putting grease down the drain, because this can clog up plumbing and cause blockages which can impact the plumbing system and the garbage disposal.

4.    Maintain the dishwasher and washing machine

In the summer, these two machines will be used a lot! Make sure to check if they are correctly hooked up to the plumbing system, or if they need any maintenance, and call an expert to take a look at the machines in case something is wrong.

5.    Careful gardening

A lot of gardens are actually above the sewage lines, power lines, and water drains. When digging or planting trees, make sure to avoid any vital plumbing that might come in the way and get damaged by tree roots, because this can end up becoming a costly issue to fix.

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6.    Protect the plumbing

A lot of people are not aware of just how much of their hair, lint, or other particles go down a drain when they are showering or washing their face. To make sure the plumbing does not get clogged, install some mesh drain covers which can catch all these particles and make cleaning a lot easier too.

7.    Sewer system

The summer season also means the chances of harsh weather, thunderstorms, and a lot of rain. In all of this, the sewage system bears the brunt of the severe weather, so it is always best to have an expert look at the plumbing and sewage system before summer starts to make sure that there are no cracks or leakages that might be exacerbated by the rain and excess water that might affect the pipes. Homeowners are actually recommended to consider the installation of a drain pump in every drain. This helps to prevent water from backing up during storms and is a straightforward and cost-effective way to avoid damage to pipes.

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